Taliban In Afganishtan. These are India’s big investments in Afghanistan, know what will be the effect of the arrival of Taliban

Taliban In Afganishtan. These are India’s big investments in Afghanistan, know what will be the effect of the arrival of Taliban

salma dam in Afghanistan

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  • India has invested $275 million on the construction of the Salma Dam, a symbol of India-Afghanistan friendship.
  • The Indian Border Roads Organization has constructed the 218 km long Zaranj-Delaram Highway. Due to which the dependence on Pakistan for connectivity between India and Afghanistan ends.
  • India also built the Parliament of Afghanistan. On which he spent 90 million dollars.

New Delhi: Afghanistan has once again been occupied by the Taliban. And its new name can be named Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Given the Taliban’s 20-year-old experience, concerns have risen that the new government may rule with the same brutality as before. In which there was absolutely no place for democratic values ​​and human rights. Since the end of the Taliban regime in 2001, India has invested about $3 billion, writing a new chapter in relations with Afghanistan. There has also been an increased apprehension that the way statues and buildings were destroyed in Afghanistan during the time of Taliban 1.0, may not happen again? Because if this happens then the goodwill that India has made with the common people of Afghanistan will be hurt. And diplomatic relations in the region will also be negatively affected. Let us know which are the major investments of India in Afghanistan.

salma dam

The Salma Dam is a hydroelectric project located in the Herat province of Afghanistan. Which was manufactured by India in the year 2016. It is also known as the Indo-Afghan Friendship Dam. It has been projected as a strong ties between India and Afghanistan. It was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Which is manufactured by WAPCOS, a Mini Ratna company of India. India has invested $275 million in the construction of this dam. All the equipment and materials used in its manufacture were brought from India. But in the last few weeks, the Taliban have captured these areas. It has also claimed to have captured the area around the dam.

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Zaranj-Delaram Highway

The Indian Border Roads Organization has constructed the 218 km long Zaranj-Delaram Highway. Which is located on the Afghanistan-Iran border. Which is known as the Khash Rud River-Delaram-Jaranj Highway. It was built by 300 Indian engineers and workers in collaboration with the people of Afghanistan. 11 Indians and 129 Afghans also lost their lives in its construction. Through this the connectivity of Delhi to Kabul is easy. It is no longer dependent on Pakistan. India had exported 75,000 tonnes of wheat through this route through the Chahbar port.

Afghanistan Parliament Building

India completed the construction of the Parliament of Afghanistan in 2015. Which was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the same year. $90 million was spent on the construction of the Parliament House. A block built inside it is named after former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Bajpayee. The Parliament House has also been seen as a victory for Indian democracy in Afghanistan.

store palace

This historic palace was renovated by India in 2016. The historic Rawalpindi Pact was held in this palace in the year 1919. After which Afghanistan got independence. Until 1965, the Foreign Ministry of the Afghan government used to be in this palace. It was later rebuilt by the Aga Khan Trust of India after an agreement with the Government of India and Afghanistan. The new palace was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the then President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani.

Indira Gandhi Institute for Child Health

The Indira Gandhi Institute for Child Health Hospital, built by India in 1971, was demolished after the Taliban came to power in 1996. But when the Taliban rule ended in 2001, that hospital was again built by India. Which was completed by 2007. This hospital located in Kabul is the largest children’s hospital in Afghanistan.

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Apart from this, India is building the Mulberry Dam in Kabul. Through this, 20 lakh people of Afghanistan will get drinking water. Along with this, India is also building a community development project of about $ 80 million.

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what is the way ahead

With the return of Taliban to power once again in Afghanistan, fears are being raised about India’s investment of about $ 3 billion. So on the way ahead Former Foreign Secretary Muchkund Dubey Times Now Navbharat Digital “Things are not clear as of now as to how the Taliban maintains relations with India. It is well known that the Taliban is influenced by Pakistan. In such a situation, how it will relate to India, it can be guessed. As far as beforehand. Talking about the investments made, one positive thing seems to be that the Taliban spokesperson has said that we would like India to continue its investments in Afghanistan. But this is all the beginning, the picture will be clear only in the coming days.

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