Taliban | Taliban will take Afghanistan into ‘Middle Ages’! Taliban will take Afghanistan into ‘Middle Ages’! Electricity-telecom towers demolished

Taliban | Taliban will take Afghanistan into ‘Middle Ages’! Taliban will take Afghanistan into ‘Middle Ages’! Electricity-telecom towers demolished

Taliban will take Afghanistan into 'Middle Ages'!  Electricity-telecom towers demolished

Taliban started demolishing power-telecom towers in Afghanistan. photo-DABS&nbsp

Kabul : The Taliban, which took control of the districts of Afghanistan one by one, has started moving towards implementing its medieval thinking. In recent days, it has pulled down power towers across the country and blew up fiber optics equipment in several places, leaving people with no internet connection. According to the report of Al Jazeera, in the last two months, the Taliban have taken control of large areas of the country. Now it is engaged in attacking and destroying IT and other infrastructure.

fiber optic equipment blew up
According to the report, on July 5, Taliban fighters blew up fiber-optic equipment in an explosion in Islam Kala in Heran province. The fighters also damaged other equipment. Islam Kala is an important port of Afghanistan, it is adjacent to Iran border. Many international NGOs work on the refugee crisis from this place. People in the city are unable to get internet connection due to the attacks by Taliban fighters.

Demolition of 28 telecom towers
Last month, an ATRA report said the Taliban had brought down 28 telecommunications towers across the country and partially damaged 23 antennas in the past three months. Due to this, digital and mobile communication has been badly affected. The report quoted Sangar Niyazi, spokesperson of DABS, which supplies electricity in the country, as saying that 39 electric poles have been demolished in the last six months. Afghanistan imports 70 percent of its electricity needs from neighboring countries through these pillars.

Hardly getting electricity in many provinces
Niazi said, “Some electric poles were completely demolished while some were partially damaged. Due to this, power supply has been disrupted in Kunduz, Baghlan, Kabul, Nangarhar and Parwan provinces. Niazi did not name the attackers, but the Afghan government has blamed the Taliban. In these provinces, people are getting electricity for only a few hours. The small IT sector of the country has been badly affected due to power supply disruption. Young professionals are not able to do their technical work.

There is no digital payment facility in Afghanistan yet
A student says that ‘people in Kabul are getting electricity only for a few hours. Sometimes there is hardly an hour of electricity. We are able to charge our devices in some way. Online work is getting difficult. We are far behind in technology compared to other countries. We should have had the facility of online payment by now.

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