The best AK74u loadout for Black Ops Cold War League Play

The best AK74u loadout for Black Ops Cold War League Play

The AK-74u has become increasingly popular in Black Ops Cold War League Play, though many players are curious what the best loadout for this sub-machine gun is.

Once the MP5 was nerfed not long after the initial release of Black Ops Cold War, players quickly turned their attention to using the AK-74u when it comes to SMG classes. Even though this weapon also had its stats slightly adjusted, it continues to be a worthwhile gun in League Play.

Here’s the best loadout for those intending to wreak havoc with the Ak-74u in Black Ops Cold War.

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The best AK-74u loadout for Black Ops Cold War League Play


Considering the AK-74u already comes packed with wicked damage statistics and decent recoil control, players are merely sweetening the weapon even more by equipping it with the correct attachments.

How does one make a solid SMG even better? Make it faster to blast off at opponents, of course.

These are the best attachments to add to the AK-74u in Black Ops Cold War:

  • Laser: Steady Aim Laser
  • Handle: Speed Tape
  • Magazine: VDV 50 Round Fast Mag
  • Stock: KGB Skeletal Stock
  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor

While not all of this equipment increases the actual speed at which the AK-74u fires, this attachment setup is structured around increasing the speed at which a player can utilize the SMG.

The KGB Skeletal Stock increases sprint-to-fire time, as well as aim walking movement speed. This is only at the cost of minorly reducing the weapon’s hip-fire accuracy.

ADS is going to be reduced a bit while using the VDV 50 Round Fast Magazine, but reload speed, max starting ammo, and mag ammo capacity all get increased. Besides equipping Speed Tape for the AK-74u’s handle, it will reclaim a bit of the ADS decrease.

The Steady Aim Laser serves a similar purpose to the Speed Tape. It will add 20% of the hip-fire accuracy back to the gun to make up for losing some due to the stock attachment. As for using the Agency Suppressor as one’s muzzle equipment, muzzle flash will be covered up, and vertical recoil control is raised a bit.

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