The best crypto exchange for beginners

The best crypto exchange for beginners

As the crypto industry is developing rapidly, more and more people get engaged with it and eager to receive income from investments and trading. Numerous services and exchanges on the Internet allow carrying operations with digital currencies, although it may confuse those who only begin in this field. Indeed, the large number of exchanges is impressive, but how to find the best crypto exchange for beginners? Let’s figure it out in this article.

Things to consider when choosing a crypto platform

We should always pick a service according to our needs and requirements. Although there are some core differences between exchanges in the market. There are centralized and decentralized platforms. 

Centralized exchanges are companies with central management, responsible for the safety and security of their users and their investments. They require registration and verification of clients. Such sites offer a wide range of tools and earning opportunities, allow to receive passive income, invite friends. Centralized exchanges usually have all common cryptocurrencies available and offer to trade with fiat. Binance, Coinbase, WhiteBIT crypto platforms belong to the centralized type.

Decentralized exchanges are intermediaries between users. In this case, clients’ funds are not stored on exchange servers, and the platform is not responsible for their safety.

From the above, we can conclude that the best cryptocurrency exchanges for beginners are centralized platforms.

What should users consider when picking this or that platform:

  • Fees the service changes for transactions.
  • The number of crypto pairs.
  • The opportunity to buy crypto with fiat (especially important when it is the first experience for a user).
  • Tools for trading, stop-loss bot, spot trading, etc.
  • Various opportunities to receive passive income like staking.
  • Is it easy to handle the interface? Can the user customize it?
  • The credibility of the exchange. Users reviews.
  • Daily trading volume. Significant daily trading volume means that the exchange has many users every day, which means they trust it.

Many users worldwide name WhiteBIT the best cryptocurrency exchange for beginners. It offers reasonable fees, an easy-to-handle interface, high credibility, impressive trading volume, and over 400 crypto pairs, including pairs with fiat money.