The Reunion’ in dating profile bios- Technology News, Technomiz

The Reunion’ in dating profile bios- Technology News, Technomiz

Ever since Friends: The Reunion was announced, excitement among fans of the TV show has undoubtedly reached new heights, and that’s the case even on Tinder. As per a press release, the popular dating app has witnessed an increase in the show’s mentions across profiles, which is set to release tomorrow, 27 May. It is suggested mentions of the show increased by 3.5 times in Tinder bios since the announcement, and almost 93 percent of the ‘Gen Z’ population on the dating app is talking about the show’s reunion. This is notably higher than what was seen in April 2020.

Speaking of the show’s mentions in Tinder bios, Chandler rules the space. This is followed by Joey, Ross, Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe. Even if Chandler rules, Rachel and Joey, too, have a significant fan following on Tinder in terms of mentions. Percentage-wise, Rachel features in 62 percent of mentions on the app, Joey in 58 percent of mentions and Chandler is part of 55 percent of mentions.

93 percent of the ‘Gen Z’ population on Tinder is currently talking about the show’s reunion. Image: Solen Feyissa from Pixabay

But Ross is famous, too. Several Tinder bios mention “Unagi” and “My Lobster,” which are two of the famous words used by Ross in the show.

Other bios inspired by the show have also made the rounds on the app. These are:

– Let’s be Monica and Chandler in a world full of Ross and Rachel
– Sarcastic like Chandler, innocent like Joey, funny like Phoebe, organized like Monica (not), serious like Ross, Rachel is love!
– Waiting for a Joey to come by and say, “How you doing?”
– Looking for Monica, but only coming across Janices :/
– Contrary to Joey, I do share my food

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Clearly, the show is still all the hype, despite being 25 years old.

As a reminder, Friends: The Reunion is set to premiere tomorrow on HBO Max in the US. But Friends fans in India need not worry. The show can be streamed on ZEE5 in India at 12:32 pm tomorrow, which is the same time the show goes live in the US.

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