Top 5 Resident Evil Village voice actors

Top 5 Resident Evil Village voice actors

Resident Evil Village won’t be the game today without the amazing cast of voice actors that have brought the characters to life. Starting with Ethan Winters to everyone’s favorite vampire, Lady Dimitrescu. Of course, there is also the enigmatic Duke, arguably the most lovable character in the game.

Despite the horror theme, the game has a certain charm of its own. But without the voice actors, Resident Evil Village would fall short of being absolutely incredible. With a 93% positive rating on Steam, the game could become the best horror game of 2021.

This article dives into information about some of the voice actors behind the characters in Resident Evil Village.

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Top 5 Resident Evil Village voice actors

#1 Todd Soley as Ethan Winters

Ethan Winters is once again played by Todd Soley and makes a return to the franchise. As fate would have it, his daughter has been kidnapped, and he now has to go on a wild goose chase to rescue her.

Soley is a well-known American actor known for his voice acting and motion capture performance for Ethan Winters in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and, more recently, Resident Evil Village. He has also provided an additional voice in another well-known horror game, Dead Space.

#2 – Maggie Robertson as Lady Alcina Dimitrescu

Voiced by the very talented Maggie Robertson, Lady Dimitrescu assumes an antagonist in Resident Evil Village. Due to her height, her presence creates a dark aura and is enough to frighten the most veteran horror game players out there. Robertson has done a brilliant job in bringing Alcina to life.

According to lore, Alcina’s mutation bestowed her regenerative capabilities and elongated retractable claws alongside eternal life that preserved her physical appearance at 44.

#3 – Michelle Lukes as Mother Miranda

After playing Kelly-087 in Halo 5 and Sgt. Julia Richmond in the Strike Back TV show., Michelle Lukes now gives her voice to Mother Miranda in Resident Evil Village.

In Resident Evil Village, Mother Miranda is a mysterious figure connected to Dimitrescu’s Castle and the Village. It’s quite unclear whether she is a protector of the people or a silent killer in disguise.

#4 – Aaron LaPlante as The Duke

This is not LaPlante’s first rodeo with voice acting as he’s been a part of series such as Primal and Samurai Jack. Now finally, he’s voiced The Duke.

The Duke is an enigmatic and morbidly obese character who aids Ethan Winters in Resident Evil Village, functioning as a merchant. Not much is known about his past. Even the Duke himself claims that he can’t tell who or what he is.

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#5 – Neil Newbon as Karl Heisenberg

Neil Newbon is well known for his role as Nicholai Ginovaef, a ruthless UBCS operative and a Russian monitoring agent at the Umbrella Corporation. He is now back playing the infamous Karl Heisenberg in Resident Evil Village. He also played Elijah Kamski in Detroit: Become Human and Astarion in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Heisenberg was one of the children being kidnapped and subjected to Cadou parasite experiments, ultimately brainwashed to be servants for Mother Miranda.

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