Lucknow girl now seen fighting with neighbors over black wall paint, Watch Viral Video

Lucknow girl now seen fighting with neighbors over black wall paint, Watch Viral Video

Lucknow girl now seen fighting with neighbors over black wall paint, Watch Viral Video

Another video of the misbehavior of the girl who beat up the cab driver&nbsp


  • Another video of Lucknow girl beating up cab driver goes viral
  • Priyadarshini is fighting with neighbors over black paint
  • Demand for Priyadarshini’s arrest is constantly rising on social media

Lucknow: Praydarshini Yadav, who beat up an innocent driver on the middle road in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, is making headlines on social media these days. Another purported video of Priyadarshini beating up the driver at the red light is going viral on social media which is said to be about two years old. In this video too, Priyadarshini Yadav is seen fighting and abusing her neighbors. The video has been shared by journalist Mohammad Imran on his Twitter.

video that went viral
This new video is also becoming increasingly viral on social media. In the video, Priyadarshini Yadav is fighting with the neighbors over the paint of the gate. A policeman is also seen in the video who is trying to pacify Priyadarshini. In fact, a neighbor of Priyadarshini painted his gate with black color, on which Priyadarshini created a ruckus and demanded the neighbors to change the color of the gate.

Bid the whole colony is in danger
In the video, Priyadarshini demands the neighbor to remove the black paint and says that the black paint they have kept, should be painted anti black, because international drones fly here and this threatens the entire colony. Hearing this, when the people present there start laughing, she gets angry and tells the policeman that look, these people are laughing, you take them in writing.

cab driver was beaten up

Let us tell you that Priyadarshini had thrashed a cab driver at a red beacon in Lucknow a few days ago, not only this, she also lodged a complaint with the police, making various allegations against the driver. Initially people were blaming the cab driver but a CCTV footage exposed Priyadarshini. It was seen in the CCTV that Priyadarshini was crossing the road despite having a green signal in violation of traffic rules and later beating the cab driver without talking. After this, the police have also registered a case against Priyadarshini, although Priyadarshini has not been arrested yet. There is a continuous demand for his arrest on social media.

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