Video: Another video of Afghan is viral, Talibani are dancing with weapons, know what is the truth?

Video: Another video of Afghan is viral, Talibani are dancing with weapons, know what is the truth?

viral Video Fact Check Armed Taliban Fighters Dancing After Capturing Afghanistan know about truth

Video of Pakistan not Afghanistan…&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspTwitter


  • Another video of ‘Afghanistan’ viral on social media
  • Some people are dancing with weapons
  • The truth of the video in Fact Check is something else

These days Afghanistan is being discussed all over the world. Because, the Taliban has taken over here. Various questions are arising in the minds of people regarding this. Especially, people are more concerned about women. Alam is that more than one dangerous video from Afghanistan is going viral on social media. There are also some videos, which are making people goosebumps after seeing them. In this episode, a new video of Afghanistan has surfaced, in which it is being claimed that the Taliban are celebrating with weapons.

Recently, a video of the Afghan traffic police went viral, in which a man is standing on the middle road. He had a weapon and strange instruments in his hand. Not only this, he wore only a cap in the name of the uniform. People shared that video fiercely. At the same time, another video is being shared on social media in the name of Afghanistan, in which it is being said that Tabilani are celebrating with weapons after the occupation of Afghanistan. As you can see in the video, there is tremendous music playing in the background. At the same time, some people are celebrating while dancing in a very different style with weapons. So watch the video first…

fake video

Some people are surprised to see the video. At the same time, some people are praising the dance. This video is being shared on different platforms of social media. But, the claim being made about this video is not true. According to AFP Fact Check, this video is not from Afghanistan. Rather, this video is old and is from Pakistan. The report claimed that this video is from the month of March and people are celebrating during a wedding. So, this video is completely fake.

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