Who is Karl Heisenberg and how is he important?

Who is Karl Heisenberg and how is he important?

Resident Evil Village is full of interesting and immersive characters throughout the game, one of which is Lord Karl Heisenberg.

In Resident Evil Village, players come across several different characters, some of which play a vital role in the game’s lore. Players were introduced to Karl Heisenberg early on in Resident Evil Village, as he’s one of the major houses in the Village that serves the antagonist, Mother Miranda.

Though every character plays an important part, Karl Heisenberg is unique in that he was very different from the other head lieutenants.

Karl Heisenberg in Resident Evil Village

Karl Heisenberg was one of the many children who were kidnapped at a young age and exposed to the Cadou parasite, going through several experiments to later serve Mother Miranda. Of course, he then becomes a head lieutenant for her, alongside other major heads such as Lady Dimitrescu, Donna Beneviento, and Salvatore Moreau.

Though all major heads are true and loyal to Miranda, Karl Heisenberg is the only one to hold a grudge and rebel against her. In the Resident Evil Village story, Karl was the only one who planned to create a rebellion against Miranda, using Rosemary’s essence to defeat her.

Karl Heisenberg is important to the Resident Evil Village story as he was extremely close to having Ethan turn and join his rebellion. Karl, though an antagonist for Ethan, was willing to part ways and team up to end Miranda once and for all, giving Ethan some hope in the Village.

It would have led to an alternate story for Ethan, one that could have led to much more danger than the Village itself. Some major fans of the game speculate and hope for a DLC in which Karl Heisenberg comes back to the game for revenge, or at least just for an extended amount of time.

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