Why Managed Dedicated Server Hosting is Essential for Hospitality Franchises


Are you a franchise owner in the hospitality industry? Hotel owners understand better than most the importance of having a fully operational, fast, and reliable website that can support the needs of both the customer and the business. Hotel franchises need high-speed, user-friendly, and efficient websites for each location, and each site must be able to handle influxes of traffic as bookings increase suddenly. Dedicated server hosting is an essential service that all hotel franchises should invest in to continue to offer quality service online as they expand their network of hotel locations. Here are a few key benefits of dedicated server hosting for hotel franchises.

Speed and Scalability

As a hotel owner, your websites typically offer the first impression to your customers. Therefore, each hotel location must have an engaging, impressive-looking, and easily accessible website that offers all the information a customer needs. Each hotel website must also be connected to your internal booking system so your customers can effortlessly book stays without the risk of double bookings or overwhelming your systems. All hotel owners understand that there are certain times of the year when bookings skyrocket and keeping your website operating at full speed can be challenging while many customers are booking at once. With dedicated server hosting, however, you can efficiently allocate greater processing power to any of your websites to support an increase in traffic. Dedicated servers can quickly increase the amount of processing power in any area of your digital network, making scalability effortless.


With dedicated server hosting for your franchise, you only pay for what your websites need. Traditional servers were typically stored in-house and required expensive, complex hardware, ample storage space to hold these servers, and a dedicated IT staff to manage the setup and ensure all your websites are adequately supported. With Liquid Web, you will have access to global enterprise-level servers that are prepared to support all of your websites with as much processing power as you require to maintain an optimal digital network for your franchise. Not only do you get access to reliable processing power, but you also receive 24/7 technical support from the Liquid Web team. Whether it’s “monitoring your servers, mitigating risk, or helping you optimize performance,” the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting are at your service whenever your sites need technical support. By using dedicated hosting services, your franchise will save money in IT by only paying for the power you need at that time. As your hotel network grows and scales, you can easily adjust your processing power through your hosting service.


Finally, security is one of the essential aspects of dedicated server hosting. All servers are prepared with automatic failover procedures to ensure your sites never lose traffic or data. While your primary server functions, a secondary server constantly copies the first. If your server fails, this secondary server is ready to automatically divert all traffic to the working server. Further, your sites will have their IP address and standard DDoS protection, so they are fully protected against threats and attacks. Maintaining secure websites is essential for any hotel franchise dealing with personal information and company data. Security should be a primary concern for all franchise owners.

Dedicated server hosting has many other benefits that franchise owners should consider when expanding their companies. Hotels must maintain user-friendly, high-speed, and efficient websites for each location to support their customers and not lose business. Dedicated server hosting may be essential to a successful hotel franchise operation.

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