10 Most Expensive Private Jets in The World

most expensive private jet

Money is not a concern if you can buy one of the most expensive private jets described in this article. Yet, if you aren’t able to, you might still take a private plane and live like such a millionaire for a single day. The most pricey jets are only accessible to the world’s enormously wealthiest individuals, and they provide the height of magnificence.

Several of these airplanes are designed with work areas, large rooms, game rooms for kids, massage services, and other luxurious features. Have a peek at a few of the highest-priced private aircraft worldwide and learn what makes them distinctive.

most expensive private jet

1. Bombardier Global 7000 

The fourth model from the industry, the Bombardier Global 7000, guarantees a better and most expensive private jet everywhere. You need to know that it is considered one of the most costly and efficient personal planes available on the air, and it can travel uninterrupted routes such as Sydney to San Diego or York City to Qatar. It has an amazingly long capacity.

It features an entirely different color theme than most luxury planes, with a combination of white and maroon colors contrasted with the typical creamy. Every airplane can accommodate up to Nineteen travelers and is fully customizable from top to bottom for anyone seeking to purchase one.

Price: $73 million

Owner: Bombardier


2. Boeing Business Jet 2

Every Boeing Business Jet 2 is predicted to cost $16,000 per 60 minutes to hire and can hold between 30 and 50 passengers. These private planes, which were planned as commercial planes, have a market range, rendering them ideal for extensive airline routes.

Apart from being a beautiful appearance, it also features one of the most excellent cutting-edge flight planning systems worldwide, ensuring more secure travel than ever before. Before even being bought, each can be modified to a vision; alternatively, authorized ones have the typical elegant moderate color theme.

Price: $75 million

Owner: Boeing


3. Boeing 737

The significant fact is that the Boeing 737 is a Boeing Business Jet with such a twist—it opts to stay with standard, private facilities instead of making a concerted effort to be dazzling. Each private jet has a workplace, bedroom, washroom, seating area, playroom, and other comforts you could desire for a flight through into the air.

To the uninformed sight, this looks like any passenger airliner; however, the vast cabins, modest jet lag-fighting decor, and broad, luxurious couches ensure a memorable experience. There seem to be side seats everywhere because they are covered with elegant sofas and soft pillows rather than the standard airline seats.

Price: $80 million

Owner: Boeing

most expensive private jet
Image Caption: www.businesstraveller.com

4. Airbus A380 

The Airbus A380 is the longest and heaviest passenger airliner ever manufactured, weighing around 1.3 million lbs. But if you’re Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia, who bought one at the Dubai Air Show in 2007, its height prohibits it from being a standard option for luxurious private planes.

Even though he decided not to utilize the sizable personal jet in any manner, the idea that the aircraft was considered a “flying castle” created attention. The idea for this most expensive private jet does include a car garage, a Turkish bath, and two levels of living and functioning accommodation. As such, the name would hardly be exaggerated. There was also a VIP apartment on the main deck, too though.

Price: $600 million

Owner: Prince Alwaleed bin Talal


5. Gulfstream III 

Several individuals own a Gulfstream III private jet; however, Tyler Perry’s is the most famous. With such a 42-inch HD TV, several Blu-ray players, a second satellite Television, theatrical illumination to complement those in-flight films, and electrically adjustable window coverings for when you are prepared for a rest, the American actor and filmmaker’s private aircraft has more equipment than that of most houses.

Also included are portable HD displays, dock systems for streaming music, and connections for attaching game consoles. Tyler Perry reportedly owns a private beach, which may be the destination of his personal jet’s many landings.

Price: $125 million

Owner: Tyler Perry


6. Boeing 747-430

The Sultan of Brunei’s jet is loaded with no extra cost, able to escape tiers of luxury, including washrooms made from solid gold and Lalique crystal. He spent about $100 million through Lufthansa and an extra $120 million to personalize the airplane to his choices. He is generally viewed as the world’s wealthiest emperor on the entire planet.

It’s a touch lighter than other private planes, with interestingly colored carpets and big teal couches. The Sultan maintains at minimum some additional private planes, yet this is by far his most refined.

Price: $220 million

Owner: Sultan of Brunei


7. Airbus ACJ319NEO 

There are six private Airbus ACJ319NEOs in service worldwide, and each contains unique accommodations and creative conceptual design. The Airbus ACJ319NEO, which combines the best of the supercar and personal jet sectors, is, after that, amusing guests as it is moving through the airspace.

It is described as the Infinito and merges plush leather and new hardwood with a manufactured advanced composite exterior and all the bells and lights. This private plane feels much more sophisticated due to its round sidewalls and smooth contours, something you’ll appreciate even more once you explore the bedroom, VIP restroom, full kitchen, and game room.

Price: $102 million

Owner: Unknown

most expensive private jet
Image Credit: simpleflying.com

8. Boeing 757 

Pilots refer to the Boeing 757 as “the Ferrari of commercial jets” since it is commonly used for trans-continental and trans-Atlantic trips. For those who desire a more affluent vacation, it is also obtainable in a charter-able version. The most popular jet, the 757, is the one that Donald Trump traveled when he was president and is kept by him.

Price: $100 million

Owner: United States Air Force


9. Boeing 787-8 BBJ

The Boeing 787-8 BBJ, which refers to Boeing Business Jet, is the most expensive private jet capable of traveling for a maximum of 18 hours while refueling. This opulent jet initially sighted at the Dubai Air Show, is sleek and fashionable, filled with all the facilities required for a more enjoyable trip.

Price: $325 million

Owner: HNA Group


10. Airbus A340-300 

The Airbus A340-300, which Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov would officially purchase, is generally used only for international flights because of its peaceful cabins and pleasant onboard ambiance. This most expensive private jet, more significant than President Vladimir Putin’s private plane, has superb amenities, soft leather seats, and large rooms.

Price: $500 million

Owner: Alisher Usmanov



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