5 qualities that make Kazuha so special in Genshin Impact 1.6

5 qualities that make Kazuha so special in Genshin Impact 1.6

Kazuha is shaping up to be one of the most unique characters in Genshin Impact.

Being unique isn’t always a good thing. Amber’s kit is entirely unique in the context of Genshin Impact, but she’s not considered to be viable in battle by the majority of the Genshin Impact community. By comparison, Kazuha’s unique kit seems so useful that it would almost be criminal to compare it to Amber’s.

However, these five qualities will be vital to remember when Kazuha is finally released in Genshin Impact. Almost every aspect of his kit stands out in a good way. From his Elemental Skill’s versatility to his powerful Elemental Burst, Kazuha will likely be a fantastic unit for players to use.

Five qualities that make Kazuha so special in Genshin Impact 1.6

#5 – Unique Elemental Skill

The vast majority of Elemental Skills in Genshin Impact cannot be cast whilst the character is in the air. Surprisingly, Kazuha can activate his Elemental Skill in the air. Not only that, but it’s possible for him to activate it multiple times if he’s up high enough (the only limitation is his cooldown).

Even if one cannot hold their Elemental Skill whilst in the air, this is still an impressive feat other Genshin Impact characters are incapable of doing. Aside from that, it’s a highly versatile Elemental Skill that is useful in most combat situations, particularly because it synergizes so well with other characters.

#4 – Amazing combat animations

Some people like cool-looking animations and some don’t. If a player is from the former category, then chances are, they’ll love Kazuha. Everything about his animations are so smooth to look at. Yet it isn’t just the quality of the animations from a technical standpoint that stands out.

His combo chain, where it looks like he’s moving so fast that he teleports, is pretty neat to look at. Of course, his Elemental Burst and Elemental Skill are also count as combat animations, and both of them look great.

#3 – Powerful Elemental Burst in a large AOE

Image via Dimbreath (Twitter)
Image via Dimbreath (Twitter)

Most Elemental Bursts in Genshin Impact are impressive in their own way, but Kazuha’s Elemental Burst stands out from the vast majority of them in a good way. The range of his Elemental Burst is massive compared to other Genshin Impact characters, which is made even more impressive by the fact that his Elemental Burst lasts for a while once activated.

The slashes Kazuha does are impressive in terms of distance, but it’s also worth noting that everybody inside the force field takes damage at set intervals from the Elemental Burst. If a player is fighting a horde of enemies, they’re all going to take damage, even if they’re not particularly close to the Genshin Impact player.

As a bonus, Kazuha’s Elemental Burst reacts wonderfully with other elements for some bonus damage.

#2 – Double jump ability

As if Kazuha’s kit didn’t seem bloated enough, he is also able to double jump. The second jump is notably higher than most Genshin Impact characters’ first jump, so it’s likely that Kazuha will be an amazing character for exploration. It’s simple, but it’s surprisingly versatile in terms of what a Genshin Impact player could use it for.

To do this, a player just has to use their Elemental Skill whilst in the air. Of course, Kazuha can also glide after doing this, so players don’t just have to do a plunging attack. That said, having the ability to perform a double jump does make him more unique when compared to other Genshin Impact characters.

#1 – Highly versatile in battle

Image via Dimbreath (Twitter)
Image via Dimbreath (Twitter)

Everything about Kazuha’s kit stands out in a good way. Predictably, it will mean that he is versatile in terms of how the player wishes to use him. As his Anemo skills are highly proficient, it’s easy to combo with him and another unit.

As seen in the picture above, one can combine his Elemental Burst with some Pyro (from another character or enemy) to constantly reafflict it to all other enemies in the field. This simple ability makes him great as both a support character and as a DPS choice in Genshin Impact.

Add in how his Elemental Skill pulls in enemies (somewhat similar to Venti’s abilities in this regard), and it should become apparent how useful his kit is. One could activate his abilities and then swap to a more powerful DPS (which would make him a great support unit). Alternatively, they can do the opposite and it will still work excellently given the good numbers on Kazuha’s abilities.

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