9 Effective Ways on How to Cover Tattoos for Work

9 Effective Ways on How to Cover Tattoos for Work

You recently got your new tattoo, but there’s a catch: while it heals, you have to know how to cover tattoos for work. Yet how? Most of the techniques you’d typically use to conceal a tattoo that has healed may be used to conceal a fresh tattoo with the right care. We’ve put up a helpful guide on how to conceal your new tattoo at work while it heals discreetly. See which professional-approved look complements your most recent tattoo by scrolling down!


Ways How to Cover Tattoos for Work

Cover the Fresh Ink with Loose Clothing

The simplest and fastest approach to covering tattoos for work is with clothing. Dress comfortably and loosely to conceal the tattoo without bothering it. To conceal tattoos on your limbs, use long sleeves and long pants. Wear high-waisted jeans or a shirt tucked in to conceal tattoos on your lower back. For upper chest or minor neck tattoos, wear turtlenecks or crewnecks.  Pair short sleeves with a blazer or cardigan for a more polished appearance. Keep your tattoo covered by clean clothing at all times. A fresh tattoo can take longer to heal if it is rubbed by dirty clothing.

Cover the tattoo in permeable cotton or gauze first if you are wearing too tight clothing (no plastic or cling wrap). When covering, make sure to cleanse both the tattoo and your hands.

how to cover tattoos for work

Cover the Neck and Upper Back Tattoos with Lengthy Hair

Keep your hair straight if you have long hair to block any ink that might get on it. Utilize your hair, based on its length, to conceal tattoos on the upper back, behind the ears, or the bottom of your neck. To cover tattoos on your collar bones or shoulders, wrap them ahead of your shoulders.

Consider a ponytail to switch up your hairstyle if you have a minor tattoo on your back and shoulders or the top of your neck.

Your hair won’t irritate a new tattoo because it is loose and airy. Just ensure that you keep your hair tidy (for the health of your tattoo and a polished appearance). Your tattoos will be shielded from excessive sunlight if you wear your hair down. As a result, the tattoo will remain more vibrant for longer.


Use Scarves or Shawls to Hide Neck and Shoulder Tattoos

Scarves create elegant, competent, and useful tattoo covers. Choose a scarf, shawl, wrap, or ascot made of a lightweight, thin, waterproof breathable silk whilst your new tattoo how covers tattoos for work.

Wear heavy or thicker scarves after the tattoo has healed completely.


Wear Lengthy Socks or Tights for Ankle and Leg Tattoos

With transparent legwear, tattoos on the ankles, calf, and leg can be readily hidden. If your pant leg rides up, long socks hide an ankle tattoo. Everywhere on the leg, opaque tights can hide a tattoo; if it still peeks through to the material, try a patterned pair of tights to draw attention away from it.

It is not ideal to wear tight garments over a tattoo that is healing. If you must wear tights or socks, pick cotton or another breathable material.


Apply Makeup on Any Tattoo Once it’s Fully Healed

For difficult-to-cover parts like hands, makeup provides a compelling alternative. Use a color scheme and full-coverage primer after washing your tattoo. Select a hue that contrasts with the color of your tattoo (such as most black inks have a bluish tone, so you need to use a red-orange primer). Apply a base of loose setting powder, a coating of foundation that matches your skin tone, the second layer of powder, and a heavier coat of foundation. Add one more layer of powder to complete.

Spritz your hair with hairspray when you’re done to help the makeup linger longer.

The drawbacks of makeup include its expense, time commitment, and lack of water resistance. Many makeup products marketed for concealing tattoos appear fantastic on film or television, but they stand out more in people or are relatively close.

To reduce infection or irritation, avoid applying makeup to tattoos that are currently healing.

how to cover tattoos for work
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Use a Cover-Up Sleeve on Your Arms and Legs

Cover-up sleeves are an easy technique how for covering tattoos for work limbs with numerous tattoos quickly. Just slip the stretchy sleeve over your leg or arm. They come in numerous hues and patterns, and some companies even offer skin-toned sleeves to make them appear more understated.

Sleeves used as a cover-up are typically elastic and composed of nylon or spandex to prevent falling off while you walk.

Remember that covering up sleeves definitely doesn’t appear as polished as a blazer or long shirt.

It’s preferable to conceal your tattoo (or visible portions of it) with a loose, long-sleeved shirt while it’s still new. Cover-up sleeves are constrictive and prevent air from reaching the tattoo as it heals.


Use Tall Boots to Block Ankle or Calf Tattoos

Many riding or ankle boots are appropriate for the office and excellent for hiding tattoos. Use a pair that complements most of your work attire; when this is your option cover-up technique, you might need to invest in one or two new pairs. Wear tall socks or tights to keep the tattoo from showing through the top.

Boots work well for tattoos that have fully or largely healed. New tattoos could sustain injury from friction from the footwear against your skin.


Wrap the Tattoo in Gauze

You can hide a healed tattoo by pretending it’s an open wound. As shortly after you leave the office, gently wrap the tattoo in a fresh, dry, breathable bandage material, such as gauze or cotton (you require the tattoo to get more air circulation as possible). It is how to cover tattoos for work on the legs or other hard-to-cover areas of your body.

This one looks obvious compared to more covert methods such as clothes or long hair.

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Use Jewelry or Accessories to Hide Small Tattoos

Bracelets, rings, or watches can conceal small tattoos on your wrists or fingers. Choose thick bands, formal styles to maintain sophistication at work. Recheck your employer’s jewelry policy because some businesses don’t want employees who interact with the public wearing “distracting” items.

Wear your wristwatch or bracelets loosely to allow some air to flow around your newly inked area because new tattoos really have to breathe.



Tattoos are incredible works of art, but there are several circumstances in which you may wish to conceal one, so it isn’t noticeable. Fortunately, you can temporarily cover it up by wearing clothing or using makeup. After discussing with a dermatologist, you might opt to get a cover-up tattoo or entirely remove the tattoo if you’re seeking a more long-lasting fix. It’s crucial to apply makeup correctly if you decide to do so in order to make it appear natural while still concealing the tattoo’s look. That doesn’t always imply that you should think about how to cover tattoos for work with a hefty layer of pore-clogging foundation or makeup. You can get extremely crafty with cosmetics, your clothing, and a range of other items to temporarily cover your tattoo, depending on the precise physical area and positioning of your ink.