10 Incredible Benefits of Owning a Pet

10 Incredible Benefits of Owning a Pet.

10 Incredible Benefits of Owning a Pet.In order to help safeguard your health and wellness, there are a number of great reasons that deciding to take up a pet can be beneficial.

Pets help you brush off rejection

We all know that pets are a big part of our family. While it might not cure social rejection, thinking of your pet as part of the family can help you recover.

A study in the journal Anthrozoös asked volunteers to recall an experience when they felt rejected and were then asked to name a photo of a cat, dog, person, or toy. Those who named an animal or a toy with humanlike qualities felt less negatively than those who named people. The researchers say those individuals with anthropomorphic tendencies are more likely to have traits like empathy and unconventional thinking around them, which help them to be healthier and happier.

Pets make you less lonely

The presence of a pet in seniors’ lives reduced the risk of loneliness by 36 percent. Furthermore, it’s not just those who live alone that benefit with those who live alone taking even more risks than other pet owners. And don’t forget that dogs are the ultimate observers of human behavior – here are 13 secrets your dog knows about you and your family!

Pets provide major buffer against stress

One Swedish study found that petting a dog can decrease your levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Having a dog of your own can give you even more benefits because participants’ heart rates decreased an hour after interaction with the furry friends and, one to five minutes later, they had higher levels of an important mood-elevating hormone oxytocin.

Pets protect your heart

With researchers discovering that owning a cat could lower your risk of death caused by cardiovascular disease, it’s time to see if your furry family member can actually provide coziness and serenity during these stressful times. Cat ownership might help relax people during stress, or people who own cats are more likely to have certain traits at least make them lessat-risk for cardiovascular disease.

Pets help keep your brain sharp

It’s not a secret that pets provide benefits for their human owners. They’re proven to lower blood pressure and improve mood. But what about those who are homebound? There is potentially an added benefit to owning a pet, because according to a recent study, older adults with pets were more likely to stay independent and continue living in their own homes. Find out 13 different ways you can tell if your pet is smart, too!

Pets encourage you to get more exercise

Walking is a great way to get people in shape, especially for those who own pets. People with pets are more likely to exercise than those without, and they seem to be doing it more regularly too.

Pets ease your pain

The benefits of having a dog don’t stop with walking. It can also help you reduce the amount of pain medication you need to take because your pet might provide the company and tender love that pets do best. These things your vet won’t tell you.

Pets make your kid less likely to have allergies

According to a study, babies with pets in the house are less likely to develop allergies later in life. The study also made the point that early-life exposure is key, meaning adopting a dog or cat late as an adult won’t help your immune system as much. Check out these 11 more amazing benefits of having a dog!

Pets might help your child take better care of her blood sugar

Scientists have discovered that kids who are responsible for care of a pet are more likely to keep their blood sugar levels healthy. According to the study, kids were 2.5 times more likely to manage their diabetes if they participated in this type of care giving. The authors suggest that taking responsibility for a pet might make kids feel more grown up and accustomed to the work involved with managing the ailment.

Pets can help fight cancer

Dogs have a surprising ability to sniff out early-stage bowel cancer. According to a study published in British Medical Journal, Labradors could correctly analyze 74 cancerous breath samples/38 stool samples, correctly framing 93% of the later data. Dogs are also capable of detecting other types of cancer throughout the body, like bladder, skin, lung, breast, and ovarian cancers. 1) Here are 50 secrets your pet won’t tell you; 2) Here are some great products for your pet; 3) Because we love great digital products, we enjoy working with founders; 4) We’ve been in your shoes – and now we’re here to help!