Best Possum Facts

Best Possum Facts

Best Possum Facts. Some marsupials are so small they’re easily mistaken for rats. These furry little creatures are also often called ‘possums’ and are adorable, as well as unique, due to their very specific size, skin, and behavior. Around 30 million animals on earth can be identified as marsupials according to expert estimation. They tend to be nocturnal and mainly inhabit Australia where the most species live.

Getting To Know The Unique Possum Species

What’s special about possums is their variety of specialties. One such specialty is their quick navigation within tall trees. They also have a docile nature and rarely mimic aggressive behavior, which is one of the reasons people find them so endearing.

‘Possum’ Name Origin 

In this sentence, ‘possum’ was used twice and there are several words in the one sentence that would be confusing to English Language learners.

The meaning of the word ‘possum’ is derived from ‘aposoum,’ which means “white animal” when translated into English. There are actually around 70 different species of possums native to Australia that often have specific names for themselves and that were derived from their native countries.

Possum Animals Scientific Classification 

In order to better understand what differences a possum has with other animals, it’s necessary to understand their scientific classification and a family of mammals that they belong to.

To continue narrowing down their scientific classification, we learned that they’re a phalangeriformes from the diprotodontia bug. For more detailed information, including their order, genus, and scientific name, please refer to the provided article link.

Types of Possum Animals 

Possums have a reputation for being cute, non-aggressive, and smooth-skinned. They’re more commonly found in Australia but can be seen as far south as Indonesia.

Most of the twenty-seven species of possums are staying in just a few regions and can only be spotted on rooftops. Some are well-known due to their ability to cleverly jump up on the rooftops of private residences– which make them known by another name: Scampursas.

Possums Versus Opossums 

Many people confuse possums with opossums simply because of the similarity in their names. Although they are indeed different species of animals, the two are members of the same order of animals and share similar characteristics.

  • Possums have relatively fewer sharp teeth than opossums.
  • Opossums have distinctive, prominent teeth, where as possums have tiny teeth and the inside of their mouths are hidden.

Certain animals have distinct digestive systems. For example, owls have a four-chamber stomach, while alligators and possums have a three-chamber stomach.

Possums are mostly known for eating fruits, flowers, leaves and shrubs because their diet is pure omnivore. Alligators will eat anything from small insects to carrion meat. Owls tend to mainly eat birds but do not dent into the flesh of whales or large animals (possums).

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Possums and opossums are marsupials, but they belong to a totally different order of animal class. Marsupials are mammals that have pouches that they carry their young in while they’re pregnant.

It should be noted that both words are derived from the same Native American word, aposoum, which means white animals.

Incredible Facts About Possum Animals

Possums are one of the few terrestrial mammals that exist on the planet. There are a wide variety of species, types, and features to these animals, but we’ll mention a few common things in their species below.

Today’s possums are called modern possums and have evolved from one particular marsupial ancestor around 20 to 30 million years ago.

The names each possum has are based on what they possess. Males are jacks, females are jills, and babies are called joeys.

Possums At The Verge Of Extinction?

In general, most species of possums are not extinct. It’s just that few species have the imminent danger to getting extinct, like Leadbeater’s Possums and Mountain Pygmy Possums.

Although Leadbeater’s and Mountain Pygmy Possums are on the brink of extinction, they’re still categorized as a Red List Threatened Species. The significant factors contributing to their extinction are global warming and local fire regimes clearing land for agriculture, timber or livestock.

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you have any confusion about the article, please take a look at this helpful FAQ section on possums.

Are possum animals rodents?

Both types of animals are pretty different. One is a mammal that specifically lives in Australia and other islands, and the other is a rodent that lives all around the world. Starting with their class order, they’re vastly different.

The most significant difference is that one belongs to the Diprotodontia order while the other belongs to the Rodentia order. Another major difference is reproduction — which one reproduces fully developed or formed babies while the other has underdeveloped babies in its pouch when it gives birth. Another difference is how they grow teeth — where one has 50 teeth while the other keeps theirs growing continuously.

Which one is the smallest possum? 

The smallest of all possum species, the Tasmanian Pygmy Possum weighs under a penny.

Are possum animals dangerous? 

The typical appearance of possums can be alarming, but their behavior is entirely non-aggressive. In fact, they usually look like big-sized rats with mouths that open wide to be threatening.

That mouth filled with 50 sharp teeth often terrifies others and leads people to think that the animals are naturally aggressive. But the truth is that they are really docile and won’t attack anyone even if they’re poked with a stick or something akin to a sharp-tipped object. Despite having 50 sharp teeth, they do not threaten any person or pets.

Which one is the giant possum in the world?

Not all possums live the same. The Sulawesi Bear Cuscus is the world’s largest possum, and it can weigh up to 22 pounds with a head of 24 inches. It also has a long soft thick tail that’s about similar lengths as its body.

The Final Take

Possums are rat-sized nocturnal animals that are typically marsupials. They’re popular due to their tiny size and slick animal skin. If you’re looking for a really cute pet, then a possum might be the best option for you!