Afghanistan crisis: ignorance to warnings led to chaos, US Forces in Afghanistan

Afghanistan crisis: ignorance to warnings led to chaos, US Forces in Afghanistan

Afghanistan crisis: ignorance to warnings led to chaos, US Forces in Afghanistan


Afghanistan crisis: Ignorance of warnings led to chaos, how America's 'mistake' was huge

Afghanistan crisis: Ignorance of warnings spread chaos, how America’s ‘mistake’ was huge&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspAP

Washington : Such warnings were clear that the Afghan government would not survive the withdrawal of American troops, but American intelligence agencies and US President Joe Biden had no idea that things would change so quickly and Kabul would be out of hand in a few weeks .

When Afghan President Ashraf Ghani met with Biden in June, he urged the US president to immediately postpone the evacuation of the Americans as it would make the Taliban move faster, but his request was ignored.

Biden on Wednesday blamed Afghan forces for fleeing the country and surrendering so easily to the Taliban. He told ABC News that he believed problems were bound to arise after the troops were withdrawn. US officials estimate there are about 10,000 Americans in Afghanistan and thousands of Afghan residents who helped or fought alongside the US in the two-decade war.

Biden could not understand the risk

Biden said on Monday that some Afghan citizens are still hopeful for their country and do not want to leave the country. He has been widely criticized for his statement. Visa applications are pending with the State Department for thousands of people who were trying to leave Afghanistan ahead of the withdrawal of US forces from the country. All US troops will be withdrawn from Afghanistan by August 31.

Biden said on Wednesday that no Americans would be released in Afghanistan. Analysts had long warned that the government of Afghanistan without US support was in serious danger, but they had no idea that the Afghan government would be defeated so soon.

An official said intelligence agencies briefed lawmakers about the situation about two weeks ago, but there was no warning that the Afghan government was in danger of falling. The Defense Department estimated that Kabul could be siege within 30 days, but within a week the Taliban had conquered the country and entered Kabul without a fight, and Ghani and his top aides had to flee.

Taliban capture provincial capitals

US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley said on Wednesday that he had no indication that Afghanistan’s military would be defeated so quickly. An administration official said the intelligence community had informed the White House that Afghanistan’s government could fall soon after the withdrawal of troops as the Taliban took control of key provincial capitals.

In fact, this capture took place only a few days before the control of Kabul. According to a former official, an assessment had raised fears that large-scale terror attacks could be planned in Afghanistan within one to three years of the withdrawal of troops.

Nonetheless, the US is working closely with the Taliban to provide a way for its citizens and the people of Afghanistan who supported it in the 20-year war to leave the country safely. The State Department has said it cannot guarantee their safe delivery to the airport.

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