Afghanistan Taliban War: Did America’s ignorance make Taliban more powerful?

Afghanistan Taliban War: Did America’s ignorance make Taliban more powerful?

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Did America’s ignorance make Taliban more powerful&nbsp


  • Taliban captures Afghan army weapons
  • In the last 20 years, state-of-the-art weapons were given by America to fight against terrorism.
  • If the Taliban retain their old form, the challenge will increase.

Taliban is called Student in Pashto language. But these students started studying guns and weapons instead of education. In the 1970s, when America and the Soviet Union were face to face in the bipolar world, America emphasized on certain campaigns to maintain global threats. In a way, America did the job of nurturing the Taliban and to a large extent managed to rein in the Soviet Union.

Things changed after 2001
Things changed in the 1980s, with the Soviet Union disintegrating and a sort of political vacuum created in Afghanistan and the Taliban came under the government to fill it. In the same period, the equations changed globally and the Taliban, which was raised by America, started showing eyes to America which was not acceptable to American policy makers at all. When Al Qaeda attacked the World Trade Center in 2001, America came to the conclusion that the Taliban had also been helped, so there was a change in American attitude and America buried its peg in Afghanistan.

US weapons now with Taliban
It is being told that the Taliban currently have 44 tanks, more than 1,000 armored vehicles, about 780 cannons and 20 vehicles to defend against landmines. These are the tools that will further strengthen the nefarious designs of the Taliban. In a way, they will prove to be a defense shield against any campaign. Apart from this, the Hambeez vehicles are also in the hands of the Taliban. This means that the way the professional armies now move from one place to another, the Taliban will now be able to come. Apart from this, there are also 155 mm howitzer guns in the possession of the Taliban which were given by the US to the Afghan army.

what the experts say
According to experts, the strengthening of Taliban is not a good sign for the whole world. Earlier, the Taliban did not have such sophisticated weapons, they used to do terrorist acts. Secretly used to attack the Afghan army. But now they can fight like a professional army. Along with this, you understand the statement of the US President when he says that our work was not nation building. America took the decision in view of the situation that arose 20 years ago. This means that the US administration is no longer serious on this issue. But the question is that if in the coming times the Taliban’s coordination with organizations like Al Qaeda, ISIS increases further, then what other options can America have.

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