All the events leading up to the controversy explained

All the events leading up to the controversy explained

Twitch streamer/YouTuber Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang recently posted a Twitlonger response to multiple allegations of sexism, paedophilia and racism that have been levied against him.

Over the years, Disguised Toast has been accused of making innumerable inappropriate jokes that “encroach upon other communities.” The streamer had allegedly received an email that listed out all the controversial things he had done/said over the years.

A Disguised Toast fan had also posted a lengthy Twitter thread explaining the incidents in detail. The following article attempts to present a description of the events that occurred over the years, eventually leading to calls of “cancelling” the streamer.

Disguised Toast cancel drama

Disguised Toast posted the following Twitlonger post on 2nd May 2021. As can be seen, he explained each and every incident that had occurred over the years. The streamer found support from innumerable fans and fellow content creators who have, in recent days, talked about the allegations levied against him.

This includes the likes of Imane “Pokimane” Anys, Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter, Rumay “Hafu” Wang and William “Scarra” Jimmy Li. For more information about the personalities who came out in support of Disguised Toast, the following article can be read.

Around two years ago, Disguised Toast appeared on a “Don’t Laugh” challenge video for the Offline TV group. The streamer read a racist joke from a website and admitted in the response that it could be seen as “tasteless.” However, Toast said that he has always been an advocate of the Black Lives Matter movement and has himself been on the receiving end of racism in the past.

“This obviously doesn’t make me immune to being racist, but reading an offensive joke doesn’t make me one either.”

Further allegations of racism stemmed from his comments during a podcast appearance with Steven “Destiny” Kenneth Bonnell II. Disguised Toast had said that a lot of streamers privately say things that the public would find “distasteful.” He admitted that sometimes he makes “racial jokes” off stream, and attempted to explain what he meant via the response.

“When I say I make racial jokes off-stream, this does not mean I walk around the OTV house dropping slurs left and right. It means occasionally, say we are discussing the next member of OTV, I would say “ARE THEY ASIAN? BECAUSE WE ARE TOO ASIAN. WE SHOULD DIVERSIFY WITH A WHITE/BLACK GUY!”. Obviously, we don’t pick member based on race – does that mean everyone in OTV deserved to be cancelled and forced to apologies for NOT then running to Twitter and publicly condemning what I said in private? No.”

Secondly, with respect to the allegations related to pedophilia and being a “rape advocate,” Disguised Toast explained that his actions and words are often exaggerated by people on social media. During a game of Pictionary, Disguised Toast received the prompt “illegal.”

The streamer drew a stick figure of a young girl to signify that “pedophilia” was illegal. However, he was accused of promoting pedophilia and “having s*x with children.”

Finally, with respect to the allegations of being a “rape-advocate,” the streamer explained that his words had been exaggerated to suggest that he was promoting “rape.” The streamer said,

“I do recall saying something along the lines of “if a girl says no, just keep asking till she gives in” – as in keep bothering a girl if she turns you down. And obviously, I hope people have enough social understanding to see that it was sarcastic – as I did it in front of my two close female friends who I know will respond accordingly “TOAST NO, DONT TEACH THEM THAT”

Disguised Toast also explained that he was well aware while making the comment that some people might take it the wrong way.

“For this particular conversation, I also remember not finishing my sentence and immediately backtracking on it because I realized in the moment that some people might take it the wrong way since I didn’t properly convey it. I recognize that rape and sexual assault isn’t something to joke about, I like to think my actions during a period of time where friends of mine did go through such trauma shows how seriously I take it. It was a joke about how creepy men can be. I don’t think it is fair to label me as a “rape advocate”, especially while not showing any clips or VODs of the moment.”

Lastly, Disguised Toast criticized the email for not attaching proof along with every allegation. The email apparently mentioned that the streamer had used the “r-word” on live stream in the past, but did not have any proof of the incident(s) in question. Disguised Toast refuted the claim and said that he has never used the term, and is well aware of its’ problematic connotations.

“This one is a complete head scratcher because I don’t ever use the R slur, and I am really aware of why it’s a word that shouldn’t be used, which is why I’ve never used it in any of my stream or video for the last several years. The email claimed that I said this on a recent stream, but again, doesn’t show the clip or VOD of me saying it. It really does break my heart to see people just eat all of this up without asking for at least the clip or context.”

Disguised Toast also said that he has always had an “edgy sense of humor” and referenced fictional characters Michael Scott from NBC’s The Office and Joey Tribbiani from NBC’s Friends.

“Similar to Michael Scott’s character from The Office or Joey from Friends – it’s clear when they make ignorant remarks that they ARE ignorant remarks, and the reaction from the other characters make it clear on that. That’s what I try to satirize in my content whenever I do make jokes rooted in racial or sexual nature. If you take it at face value, without context, without knowing me – I can understand why I might come off as a bigot. But even if you don’t respect me, at least respect the opinion of the people around me, my peers, people who known me for years. Know that they wouldn’t stand for any bigotry or racism or sexism because we hold each other to a very high standard.”

Disguised Toast appeared distressed by the fact that his friends and colleagues had also been affected by the allegations levied against him. However, innumerable fans on social media, along with fellow internet personalities, have defended Disguised Toast in recent days, as can be seen in the video above.

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