spy software | What is Pegasus spyware ? how it works, know in detail, what is Pegasus spyware, how does it work? Know in details

spy software |  What is Pegasus spyware ?  how it works, know in detail, what is Pegasus spyware, how does it work?  Know in details

spy software | What is Pegasus spyware ? how it works, know in detail, what is Pegasus spyware, how does it work? Know in details

What is Pegasus spyware ?  how it works, know in detail

Anyone’s phone can be hacked with Pegasus spyware&nbsp

Pegasus spyware is once again in the headlines. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi targeted the government and said that you are reading what is in our phone. That is, he took up the matter of phone tape. A new report by The Washington Post and 16 media partners has revealed that Pegasus has been used to spy on journalists, human rights activists and business executives. Spyware has targeted the smartphones of at least 40 journalists in India. Here’s what you need to know about Pegasus.

Who Made Pegasus Spyware?

Pegasus spyware is made by Israel-based surveillance tech company NSO Group, also known as Q Cyber ​​Technologies. Pegasus is not random spyware that you find online. This company NSO Group was established in 2009 as a specialized surveillance technology solutions manufacturer in Israel. Pegasus is its famous spy product. But Pegasus isn’t the only product that’s sold. According to the company, NSO is a technology company with a range of products designed to enhance data analytics capabilities by law enforcement and intelligence agencies, improve search and rescue efforts, implement effective counter-measures against intrusion by drones. Has been done.

Pegasus is a comprehensive surveillance tool.

According to NSO Group, Pegasus is not a comprehensive surveillance technology. The company said in its Transparency and Accountability report that it only collects data from the mobile devices of specific individuals who are suspected of being involved in serious crime and terror. However, note that the NSO Group has no visibility into its use as the company does not operate Pegasus.

What data can be stolen from the phone using Pegasus?

With the Pegasus tool, the attacker can obtain SMS records, contact details, call history, calendar records, emails, instant messaging and browsing history. According to a product brochure from NSO Group, Pegasus can spy on WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and Blackberry Messenger. Pegasus can secretly click pictures, record calls, record surrounding audio and even take screenshots without alerting users. Once the spy mission is over, the Pegasus operator can remotely hit the kill switch on the victim’s phone to self-delete the Pegasus agent.

What smartphones does the Pegasus tool work for spying?

Pegasus spyware works on devices running Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian and even Tigen.

Who Can Buy Pegasus Spyware?

NSO Group claims to work only with authorized Govt. Pegasus is known to have been publicly used by the governments of Mexico and Panama. It has 60 customers in 40 countries. The company said that 51% of its users belong to intelligence agencies, 38% to law enforcement agencies and 11% to the military. The company’s website states that the NSO Group has developed best-in-class technology to help government agencies detect and prevent a wide range of local and global threats. Our products help government intelligence and law-enforcement agencies use technology to meet the challenges of encryption to prevent and investigate terror and crime.

What is the cost of using Pegasus spyware?

Pegasus spyware is sold under a license and actual prices depend on the contract. The cost of a license can be up to Rs 70 lakh. Multiple smartphones can be tracked with one license. As of 2016’s previous estimates, NSO Group charges a minimum of around Rs 9 crore for spying on only 10 people using Pegasus. According to the 2016 price list, NSO Group charged its customers $650,000 (Rs 4.84 crore at current exchange rate) to hack 10 devices, in addition to an installation fee of $500,000 (Rs 3.75 crore).

How Pegasus spyware is installed in the victim’s phone?

The challenge for those using the Pegasus tool to spy on a victim is to remotely and covertly install the tool on their phone. Phishing messages are the most popular way to install Pegasus on a victim’s phone for spying. Pegasus can be installed even if the victim’s phone number is not known. If the attacker does not have the victim’s phone number or email ID, the Pegasus agent can be injected silently after obtaining the number using a tactical network element such as a base transceiver station (BTS).

Does NSO Group Operate Pegasus Tools for Governments?

According to the company, NSO has licensed Pegasus to sovereign states and state agencies, does not operate Pegasus, has no visibility into its use, and does not collect information about customers.

What is required for Pegasus spyware to work?

Pegasus needs a major backend IT architecture to function. NSO Group employees visit their customer site to install the entire facility. According to Pegasus’ product brochure, NSO is responsible for deploying and configuring Pegasus hardware and software at customer premises. The entire setup requires a web server, communication module, cellular communication module, permissions module, data storage, server security, system hardware installation, operator console and finally the Pegasus app.

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