Anupamaa Actor Apurva Agnihotri Hints At Making Comeback On Show, Says Upar Wala Hi Jane

Anupamaa Actor Apurva Agnihotri Hints At Making Comeback On Show, Says Upar Wala Hi Jane

Mumbai: Anupamaa actor Apurva Agnihotri, who essayed the role of Dr Advait Khanna, has exited the show after just over a month. The actor revealed that he knew that his role was finite and he has no complaints. Speaking with TOI, Apurva said, “I was well aware of my track. The show was undergoing many changes due to the COVID situation, but I have no complaints. As I said, I had been told that this was a finite track. I agree that my portion was going very well, but I guess they’re shifting back to the main story. I had a great time shooting for it and that’s what matters. I was even told about my last day in advance. So, putting it correctly, I haven’t quit the show. Rajan Shahi (producer) had planned my presence for a short stint only and that’s over for now.” Also Read – Anupamaa Major Twist: New Male Lead To Enter Show As Anupamaa’s Love Interest?

Hinting that he might make a comeback as fans favourite ‘guruji’, he said, “Well, we have kept an open end to my track. So who knows I might come back after some time, but abhi is waqt toh woh upar wala hi jaane.” He further added that Rajan Shahi, the producer of the show, told him over a call, “He was telling me that the response to me being on the show has been amazing.” Also Read – Anupamaa High-Voltage Drama Awaits: It’s Now Anupamaa vs Kavya Inside Shah Residence, How Will Vanraj React?

This was the third time Apurva collaborated with Rajan Shahi. Earlier, they collaborated on two projects – Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi (which Rajan Shahi directed) and Bidaai (which Rajan Shahi produced). Also Read – Anupamaa Fans Are In Complete Awe After Bapuji’s Decision: ‘Hissa Dekr Dil Jeet Liya’

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