Anupamaa Big Twist: So will Kinjal and Paritosh get divorced now? Anupama’s son’s ongoing extra marital affair

Anupamaa Big Twist: So will Kinjal and Paritosh get divorced now? Anupama’s son’s ongoing extra marital affair

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  • Pakhi’s eyes are soon going to open in Anupama.
  • Soon Anupama and Pakhi will be patched up.
  • Now there is going to be a big storm in the new episodes of Anupama.

There is a lot of drama going on in the TV serial Anupama, now the story is about to take a tremendous turn. As Pakhi is about to have a dance competition in school where Kavya is trying her best to mess up. But everything will be fine only because of Anupama. Pakhi’s eyes are also going to open soon. Just now as it is understood that everything is going to be fine in Anupama. Because Pakhi has come to realize her mistake.

Soon Anupama and Pakhi will be patched up. But in the upcoming episode and in the coming days, as soon as everything goes well in Shah House, a big storm is going to happen again. Which is related to Anupama’s daughter-in-law Kinjal and son Paritosh.

Paritosh will have extra marital affair
As in Anupama, Paritosh has been irritable over every fight happening in the house for some time now. Along with this, he is constantly pressurizing his wife Kinjal to stay in the pent house. Now Anupama will soon be shown that Paritosh will come late every night and will hide many things from Kinjal on the pretext of work.

Kinjal will be upset to see the change in Paritosh’s behavior day by day. A big twist in the story will come when soon Kinjal will realize that Paritosh is having an affair with a girl. Seeing this, this thing will spread in the entire Shah family and then there will be a lot of commotion in the house.

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Paritosh in the footsteps of Vanraj
Yes, the twist of Paritosh’s extra marital affair is going to come soon in Anupama’s story. Paritosh will now be seen following in the footsteps of his father Vanraj. Obviously Anupama and the Shah family are going to be shocked to see this new form of reward. Also, this situation will have a very deep impact on Kinjal.

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Now it has to be seen how Kinjal will save her marriage. Or will she also decide to divorce her husband like Anupama? The most interesting thing is to see Rakhi’s reaction. After all, what shocking step will she take after seeing her daughter in this condition.

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