ARMY Helps India In Fighting COVID, Jimin Becomes Global Fashion Icon

ARMY Helps India In Fighting COVID, Jimin Becomes Global Fashion Icon

BTS Updates, April 26, Monday: Here we are once again with the daily updates of your favourite K-pop band. While BTS ARMY has collected funds for the coronavirus relief in India, group member Jimin’s fashion has already become a global sensation. Check the latest updates here. Also Read – BTS’ Jimin Is The Global Fashion Icon Everyone Follows – Here’s Proof

BTS Updates, April 26, Monday: ARMY Raises Rs 20 Lakh For COVID-19 Relief In India

With the aim to help India in tackling the coronavirus crisis, the BTS army organised a fundraiser and raised over Rs. 20 lakh in 24 hours. BTS Fanclub shared a donation link on their Twitter account on Friday and urged fans across the world to come forth and help those suffering at this hour of need. “India is currently facing one of the worst covid outbreaks in the history of the pandemic. The second wave is far deadlier than the first and our healthcare infrastructure is under a lot of pressure. Individuals, as well as organizations, are trying to support the needs of the many affected by covid as best as they can,” post by BTS Fanclub read. And in less than 24 hours, BTS fans raised Rs 20 Lakh for coronavirus relief in India. Also Read – BTS ARMY Comes Forth To Help India Amid COVID-19 Crisis, Raises Over Rs 20 Lakh For Relief

BTS Updates, April 26, Monday: Jimin’s T-shirt Is The New Fashion Symbol

After Louis Vuitton announced that BTS group members are its new ambassadors. Virgil Abloh, the artistic director of the fashion giant’s men’s collection, released a video of an interview with BTS on his official Instagram account. In this video interview, BTS member Jimin was seen wearing a white Louis Vuitton T-shirt, jeans and a cap. This t-short had a colorful design on it and costs Rs $765. However, soon after the video was spotted by BTS fans (also known as its ARMY), they went crazy to buy the same t-shirt worn by Jimin. In just a few days, this t-shirt is now out of stock from almost all countries and regions including South Korea, United States, United Kingdom, South Korea, Canada, France, Japan Italy, Russia and Germany. Also Read – BTS Army Raises Over Rs 10 Lakh To Help COVID-19 Crisis in India, Deet Inside

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