Best Character in Free Fire

Best Character in Free Fire

Free Fire New Update

What’s Free Fire New Update? According to the latest updates, new Free Fire characters have been introduced. As of now, 4 new Free Fire characters are added in 2020. They are

  • Steffie – A Pro graffiti artist
  • Kapella- Popular pop singers and star
  • Clu – A modern-day private detective
  • Luqueta – A rising soccer star

Some characters such as Kelly’ The Swift’ and Hayato’ Firebranb’ have been announced as new characters but they aren’t added yet in the game.

Who is The Best Character in Free Fire 2020?

Some of the best characters in Free Fire 2020 are listed below. The characters that are given below are ranked based on their abilities in the Free Fire game.

  • DJ Alok – DJ Alok is considered to be one of the best characters in Free Fire, and he can be availed in the in-game shop for 599 diamonds. At the maximum level, DJ Alok creates an aura that increases ally movement speed by 15% and restores 5 HP for 10 seconds. 
  • Paloma – Paloma can be purchased for 499 diamonds or 8000 coins. Paloma is a compelling character for players who prefer using Assault Rifles in Free Fire.
  • Luqueta – Luqueta can be procured via the Character Royale, and he is an up and rising soccer star, who at level 8 ensures that every kill increases the maximum HP by 18 to 35 points.
  • Kelly- Kelly costs 199 diamonds or 2000 coins, and as she can move around the battlefield quickly, she helps the players to rotate faster. If it is upgraded to the max level, the sprinting speed increases by 5%.
  • Jota – Jota can be purchased for 499 diamonds, and it can be useful for players who want to use SMGs often. With each kill using one of these two firearms, the players regain HP. At the maximum level, they restore 40 HP per kill. 

Top 10 Best Character in Free Fire 2020

Among the 30 characters in Free Fire, some of the top 10 best characters in Free Fire 2020 are listed below

  • DJ Alok
  • Luqueta
  • Clu
  • Jota
  • Steffie
  • Kapella
  • Wolfrahh
  • A124
  • Notora
  • Alvaro

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