BTS21 Is Finally On Instagram, J-Hope Couldn’t Recognise Conan O’Brien

BTS21 Is Finally On Instagram, J-Hope Couldn’t Recognise Conan O’Brien

BTS Updates, May 6, Thursday: Here we are once again with the daily updates of your favourite K-pop band. While BTS21 has finally joined Instagram and as per a poll people think that BTS’s oldest member Jin, is the idol who looks the most intimidating but actually has a soft personality. Check out the day’s update here: Also Read – BTS’ J-Hope Fails to Remember Conan O’Brien, Calls Him ‘Curtain’; Watch Hilarious Reaction of Talk Show Host in Video

BTS Updates, May 6, Thursday: J-Hope Struggled Recognising Conan O’Brien

In the recent episode of Run BTS!, the group members took part in a game called “Figure Quiz,” where they had to name the celebrities shown to them. However, during the game, J-Hope struggled to recognise famous American talk show host Conan O’Brien and ended up saying, ‘Curtain’. This not just left even left Jimin and Jin shocked but even Conan talked about the same during his talk show after and said, “He called me curtain!” Also Read – BTS Updates, May 3, Monday: BTS Ruling Billboard’s World Albums Chart And Instagram Too – Details Here

BTS Updates, May 6, Thursday: BTS21 Is Finally On Instagram

BTS ARMY is extremely happy as BTS21 has finally joined the social media platform Instagram. BT21 is a group of adorable animated characters created by K-pop band BTS. An Instagram account to promote BT21 merchandise was created in September 2017. However, now the characters themselves have their own Instagram account @bt21stcentury. At the time of writing this report, BTS21 had 29.8 thousand followers. Also Read – BTS Sweeps Billboard’s World Albums Chart With Top 4 Slots – Deets Inside

BTS Updates, May 6, Thursday: People Find Jin Intimidating?

A South Korean internet forum conducted a poll asking people, “Who is the star that looks intimidating, but seems to have a soft personality in reality?” and according to Netizens, it is BTS’ Jin. Yes, over 50% of the people voted that BTS’ Jin looks intimidating but actually a soft-hearted person.

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