Check Out How to Install Tekken 3 Game for Mobile and More on Tekken 3 Game Here

Check Out How to Install Tekken 3 Game for Mobile and More on Tekken 3 Game Here

Tekken 3 Game

From its release in 1997, Tekken 3 has been a massive hit among the gaming community. This is because of the game’s unique plot and its new cast of characters. Debut characters like Jin Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu, Bryan Fury have become such a huge hit that the characters have now become staples in Tekken 3. The gameplay for Tekken 3 has not been changed in any way from its predecessors. Some new addition to the Tekken 3 from its predecessors includes the fighters’ ability to jump a reasonable height, better three- dimensional interface and quick recoveries from knockdowns. In Tekken 3, the developers also introduced a new concept called Tekken Force, where the players face the enemies in various stages in a side-scrolling fashion. Tekken 3 is now available for Android mobile. Keep reading to learn how to Tekken 3 game free download for Android mobile Apk.  

Tekken 3 Game Download for Android

Though the game was created for PlayStation, the game was very well received among the gaming community, and it eventually reached Android mobiles. Despite Tekken 3 is available on Android, the players have to understand that there are specific requirements that your device has to fulfill to play the game. The app size is more than 30MB, and the players will need Android Version 4.4 or above to install the game on their devices. To download Tekken 3 game on Android, you will have to carry on the following steps.   

  • Click here to get the APK link and click okay to get started on the downloading process.   

  • This will take you to the APK installation page  

  • Click install and complete the download process on your Android device.  

Download Tekken 3 for PC

To download Tekken 3 for PC, the players will need to have a video card of 16MB, a processor of 266 MHz, memory RAM of 128 MB, and a sound card. If you meet these requirements, you can use the following steps to download Tekken 3 for the PC.   

  • To get Tekken 3 on PC, download Tekken 3 installer.  

  • Select where you want to install the game file.  

  • Once the game is downloaded, you should be able to play the game.   

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