China’s PLA | 94 years of PLA turned ‘dangerous’

China’s PLA |  94 years of PLA turned ‘dangerous’

China’s PLA | 94 years of PLA turned ‘dangerous’

Chinaá PLA turns 94,India must be concerned about 4 things

The PLA is the third largest army in the world. &nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspAP


  • China intends to make its army the best force in the world
  • He continues to modernize his PLA to compete with the US
  • Equalizing its military strength is a big challenge for India

China is also recognized for its military strength as the world’s superpower. The PLA, formed in the year 1927, turned 94 on August 1. Since its formation, the PLA’s army has been continuously expanded and modernised. The Global Fire Pier, which ranks countries in terms of military power, has placed the PLA at number three out of 140 countries. He has the largest infantry force in the world. After emerging as an economic superpower in the past, China has modernized its military as well as made it technologically efficient.

China wants to build a world class army
China intends to make its army world class like America, Britain, Russia and India. In this he has been successful to a large extent. Chinese President Xi Jinping plans to establish the PLA as a world-class military by 2049. At present, China is making its army modern and technologically efficient keeping America in mind. This is deteriorating the balance of power in South Asia. This modernization of the Chinese army is natural to be concerned about in the countries of the Indo-Pacific region including India. Defense experts say that among the changes that have taken place in the Chinese Army PLA in recent times, India needs to pay attention to at least four things-

Infrastructure expansion on the border
China’s Western Theater Command, Tibet Military District and Xinjiang Military District are deployed to guard the border with India. These units of the PLA carry out surveillance, patrolling and activities along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). To increase its military strength along the border, China has rapidly developed infrastructure in Tibet. It has built several highways in the east-west and north-south to connect Lhasa with the border areas. India will have to strengthen its infrastructure network to improve its connectivity along the LAC for India to match and have an edge over China on the border.

China wants to dominate the sea
In recent years, the Chinese Navy has intensified its activities in the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific Ocean. Under the guise of patrol, he has been sending his submarines and warships to the Indian Ocean. His submarines have been seen in the Indian Ocean in the past. It is trying to create psychological pressure on India by increasing its influence in the sea. China has set up a naval base in Djibouti. China is looking to build more naval bases in the Indian Ocean. India will also have to pay attention to this.

Cyber, space security important
After strengthening traditional warfare methods, China has made a foray in the field of cyber and space. It is engaged in developing modern style of warfare and advanced weapons. A US intelligence official has recently said that China is preparing for a ‘space war’. It is developing modern technology to target and destroy satellites in space. The US official said that China’s intention is to match and surpass America in the space sector. He is working continuously to achieve this desire and goal. China has also made a lot of progress in cyber warfare. Chinese hackers are notorious for hacking networks and websites. He has targeted the networking system in India several times.

missile system a challenge
China’s hypersonic and supersonic missile technology remains a cause of concern for the world. He is rapidly developing these missiles. According to reports, after the latest dispute with India on the LAC, it has deployed around 16 DF-26 ballistic missiles in Xinjiang province near the border. If we see the firepower of these missiles, then their target is India. The special thing is that missiles can carry nuclear weapons in addition to conventional weapons.

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India will have to prepare itself to answer these four challenges of China. Apart from these, New Delhi needs to advance its strategic and military strategy keeping in mind China’s defense budget, its drone swarms, its subversive technology and its nexus with Pakistan.

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