Corpse Husband simps for Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu in hilarious fashion

Corpse Husband simps for Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu in hilarious fashion

The latest online personality to succumb to the alluring aura of Resident Evil Village’s vivacious vampire lady, Lady Dimitrescu, is none other than Corpse Husband.

Like the rest of the world, the 23-year old faceless sensation was recently left smitten by Lady Dimitrescu, during his Resident Evil playthrough with fellow streamer TinaKitten for company.

From being helplessly rooted in one spot upon catching a mere glimpse of her, to wanting to write a song about her, Corpse Husband’s Resident Evil Village stream proved to be one of the most memorable ones in recent memory.

Corpse Husband and TinaKitten go gaga over Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil: Village

Ever since Resident Evil: Village was released, the game has been overshadowed by the domineering presence of Lady Dimitrescu, a seductive sorceress who has become the subject of numerous memes, fan-art and much more.

During his recent livestream, just before coming face to face with Lady Dimitrescu, Corpse Husband could be heard expressing excitement over finally meeting her in-game:

“Do you think she’s on the other side, waiting for me? Everything I see reminds me of her. That’s her, that’s her! There she is , there she is! I don’t care what happens from this point on .”

After being enamored by every word she said, he continued to search for her in-game, as he commented:

“Uhm..okay, I’ll be right there. Should I just look around before I just blindly follow her upstairs?”

One of the major highlights of his stream was when Lady Dimitrescu proceeded to choke his character, Ethan Winters, in-game. It prompted Corpse to spontaneously start singing “Choke Me Like You Hate Me,” from his popular track “E-Girls Are Ruining My Life”.

From stopping to stare at her instead of running away, to complimenting her hips, Corpse Husband appeared to be in absolute awe of Lady Dimitrescu throughout the course of his stream.

In light of Corpse and Tina fawning over the famous vampire lady, Twitter soon came up with a slew of reactions:

The popularity of their initial stream has been such that the duo seems most likely to stream the game again, given Corpse’s latest tweet:

After winning over fans with his antics in Among Us and Rust, it looks like Corpse Husband can now add Resident Evil: Village to his expansive repertoire of games, with his hunt for the elusive Lady Dimitrescu winning over fans online.

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