Dead man alive : A man from Kerala died in a plane crash 45 years ago, now alive

Dead man alive : A man from Kerala died in a plane crash 45 years ago, now alive

A man from Kerala died in a plane crash 45 years ago, now alive

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  • All the passengers on board the 171 Indian Airlines flight were killed.
  • The family of Sajid of Kerala had accepted that he also died, because the people of his team had died in this accident.
  • However, Sajid was not on that flight.

A 70 year old man from Kerala, who died 45 years ago in a plane crash in the year 1976. Now he is alive. Soon he is going to meet his family. Sajid Thungal is originally from Kottayam, Kerala. He left his home in 1974 at the age of 22 to live in the Gulf. He left behind four sisters, three brothers and parents in the family. The family did not know about him after the accident.

According to, Sajid settled in Abu Dhabi, where he used to screen Malayalam films and organize cultural events with singers and dancers from India. Then in the year 1976, Sajid spent 10 days with a troupe of artists. But then, it was reported that all members of the troupe died in a plane crash that had 95 passengers, including a crew member.

It was said that all passengers on board 171 Indian Airlines flight to Chennai (Madras) were killed when one of the aircraft’s engines caught fire. Sajid was believed to be in the plane that crashed. The plane reportedly crashed while attempting to make an emergency landing at the Bombay airport on October 12. Notable Malayalam film actress Rani Chandra was one of the victims of the accident.

At that time Sajid’s family in Kerala thought that he had died in the accident. But that was not the case. Though Sajid was not on that flight, he did not contact his family as he was feeling guilty. About six years after the plane crash, Sajid moved to Mumbai and settled down after starting a small business.

In 2019, an old friend managed to find Sajid. He immediately brought her to a shelter in Mumbai run by pastor KM Philip. The National News quoted Pastor Philip as saying that he is battling all kinds of psychological disorders. After the death of his group in a plane crash, he went into depression. The guilt led to alcoholism. His memory decreased.

This was the beginning of Sajid’s journey back home. For almost two years, Sajid did not tell anything about his family to the shelter members. But that changed until a few weeks ago when a SEAL social worker visited Kerala and inquired about Sajid at a local mosque in Kottayam. The Imam of the mosque knew Sajid’s family and Seal took the social worker home.

After that, a video call was arranged where Sajid was asked to meet his family for the first time in more than 45 years. Sajid said that I want to go home. If the people here had not taken care of me, I would have died without meeting my family.

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