Dota 2 team pulls off insane 0-minute tower strategy that can ruin public lobbies

Dota 2 team pulls off insane 0-minute tower strategy that can ruin public lobbies

During a match in the Amateur Dota 2 League (ADL) Season 31, team Illegal pulled off a never-seen-before strategy to take down its opponent’s safe-lane tier-one tower.

Illegal’s five hero push in the first minute of the game turned out to be a horrible experience for the players of Pot of Wrath. As a result of this lane pressure from the first minute of the game from the Dire team, the Radiant team lost its safe-lane tower before the game’s timer even managed to hit 30 seconds.

Needless to say, Illegal’s draft had a massive advantage when it came to the early tower push, and the team capitalized heavily on the same. The draft portrayed by members of team Illegal featured Faceless Void, Beastmaster, Snapfire, Nature’s Prophet, and Abaddon.

The following is a detailed rundown of why this Dota 2 strategy turned out to be efficient, as well as how it can ruin public lobbies.

0-minute tower strategy in Dota 2

The 0-minute tower strategy is a fairly hard move to pull off in Dota 2. Not only do players need a lot of physical damage to take down the tower, but they also need it to withstand all of the strong blows from the towers.

Additionally, players will also require a fair amount of attack-speed to take down the tower quickly. Having said that, team Illegal’s draft checked all the boxes required to successfully execute this strategy.

Illegal’s draft for the 0-minute tower strategy in Dota 2 (Image via hOlyhexOr – YouTube)

Considering that the strategy was pulled off at the start of the game, all heroes present in the game had only one of their skills available to help with their siege on the tower at that point of the game in Dota 2.

These are the heroes, along with the ability they had available when executing the 0-minute tower strategy in Dota 2:

  • Beastmaster – Call of the Wild Boar: Calls a Boar to Beastmaster’s aid. The Boar can attack a target and also tank blows from enemies;
  • Snapfire – Lil’ Shredder: Grants the hero with massive attack speed for the next six normal attacks. Reduces the armor of the target with each attack, stacking up to six times;
  • Nature’s Prophet – Nature’s Call: Converts a small area of trees into controllable treants. These treants can attack a target while also tanking blows from enemies;
  • Faceless Void – Basic attacks: None of the abilities featured by this hero deals damage or applies debuffs to towers;
  • Abaddon – Curse of Avernus: Applies a curse on the enemy who is attacked four times by the hero. The curse grants massive attack speed bonus to all allies of Abaddon.

As a result of these combinations, team Illegal managed to destroy its opponent’s safe-lane tower, forcing Pot of Wrath’s carry player to move over to the off-lane.

Not only did this result in a bad start for the players of Pot of Wrath, but it also handed team Illegal with a massive advantage from the start of the match in Dota 2. Needless to say, a strategy like this being spammed in public lobbies is an absolute nightmare for every Dota 2 player.

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