Everything known about Maguu Kenki, the leaked samurai boss so far

Everything known about Maguu Kenki, the leaked samurai boss so far

Genshin Impact 1.6 leaks keep surfacing on the internet, revealing characters, enemies, and new maps planned for the 1.6 version. A recent leak revealed the first look of Maguu Kenki, an upcoming samurai boss affiliated to Inazuma. While the whole community is surprised and excited to fight this unique and cool samurai boss, a few more details about the enemy have surfaced. Compiling all the details, this article will explain everything known about the upcoming boss in Genshin Impact 1.6 so far.

Everything known about Maguu Kenki in Genshin Impact

Maguu Kenki
Maguu Kenki’s idle position at its spawn arena (Image via Wangsheng Funeral Parlor-Discord))

Maguu Kenki looks like a traditional Japanese samurai, with a huge and fearsome Mempo or samurai mask. The size of the Samurai boss’ mask is absurdly huge and has spooky functioning eyes. As players enter its vicinity, Maguu Kenki’s shield-like mask moves apart, revealing the actual scale of the boss.

Maguu Kenki’s normal and special attack combos seem slow-paced in the early development stage. The samurai pauses for a while before each strike, allowing players to attack it or prepare to dodge the next combo. During the fight, Maguu Kenki’s shield-like masks hover around him, as shown in the clip attached below.

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Where to find Maguu Kenki in Genshin Impact 1.6

To find the new samurai boss Maguu Kenki, players will have to wait for the Archipelago islands, which are reportedly in development for the next patch of Genshin Impact. Once introduced, players can find the Samurai Boss Arena on a small island located near Twinning Isle and Broken Isle, according to leaks.

Maguu Kenki
Maguu Kenki’s spawn arena in Archipelago islands (Image via u/deweweewewe)

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3D renders of Maguu Kenki’s character model

Twitter user ProjectCelestia recently revealed the data mine 3D rendered character model of Maguu Kenki. According to leaks, the samurai will have two forms named Kofuu and Souji. Although it’s not clear if the form will change according to different stages of a battle like Tartaglia’s boss fight, the gameplay experience is expected to be unique for sure.

As shown in the 3D model and the gameplay footage, Maguu Kenki wields a Katana and falls under the category of normal bosses.

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The purpose of fighting Maguu Kenki in Genshin Impact 1.6

According to the data-mined leaks available on Honey Impact, Maguu Kenki will be the only source of Maguu Kishin, a new ascension material required to upgrade Kiryu Kazuha. Players will need a total of 46 Maguu Kishins to upgrade the upcoming 5-star Anemo-type character Kazuha in the Genshin Impact 1.6 Update.

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