FATF’s screws will again tighten on PAK, the ‘beloved’ of terrorists! What is India doing on the diplomatic front? Will Pakistan remain in FATF’s gray list or will it be blacklisted?

FATF’s screws will again tighten on PAK, the ‘beloved’ of terrorists! What is India doing on the diplomatic front? Will Pakistan remain in FATF’s gray list or will it be blacklisted?

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan

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  • Important decision regarding Pakistan can be taken in FATF meeting
  • Pakistan has been on the gray list of FATF since June 2018.
  • It is in danger of being graylisted or blacklisted

New Delhi : The meeting of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is going to be held from June 21 to 25, in which a big decision can be taken regarding Pakistan. Pakistan was placed on the gray list of FATF in June 2018 for not taking concrete action against terrorism financing and money laundering, after which it has remained in that list till now. In the case of terrorist funding and money laundering, the FATF had asked Pakistan to work on 27 key points, but so far it has not fulfilled many conditions.

Earlier, the FATF meeting was held in February, in which it was decided to retain Pakistan in its gray list. The statement issued by the FATF said that Pakistan had failed to take concrete steps to curb the financing of terrorism and did not fulfill three important tasks. For this he was given time till June. Now that the FATF meeting is being held once again, Pakistan is in danger of being retained in the gray list or blacklisted if these conditions are not met.

What is India doing?

The International Cooperation Review Group (ICRG) of FATF has prepared a report on how much work Pakistan has done on 27 key points against terrorism financing and money laundering. Pakistan’s actions on these points were reviewed in a virtual meeting of the ICRG last week amid the Corona crisis, which includes the US, Britain, China and France as well as India.

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India, which has been a victim of terrorist activities operating from Pakistani soil, is closely monitoring the issue. On the diplomatic front, India is constantly busy mobilizing against Pakistan, so that it cannot get any concession on this issue. India has tried to tell the FATF as well as the international fraternity what ‘concrete action’ Pakistan has taken so far in relation to terrorism.

India has told the world on the basis of many incidents and evidence that how terrorist activities are conducted unhindered from the soil of Pakistan and even though it talks about action against terrorist organizations, but when the matter is banned by the jointly banned Masood Azhar. When it comes to action against terrorists like Dawood Ibrahim, Jakuur Rehman Lakhvi, he gets cut off. He tries to throw dust in the eyes of the international fraternity by describing himself as a ‘terrorist-hit country’.

The eyes of France, America can also be crooked

There are many countries of the world, including India, who have been seeking action against Pakistan for terrorist funding and money laundering. At present, along with India, Pakistan may also have to face the crooked eyes of America and France. To come out of the gray list of FATF, Pakistan needs the support of at least 12 out of 39 members, but France and America’s displeasure on various issues may outweigh it.

Many Pakistani leaders have made sharp comments against France in the last few months. Violent demonstrations against France in Pakistan by the radical organization Tehreek-e-Labbaik in the past had attracted the attention of the world. Although this does not appear to be an issue on which France should take any ‘retribution’ against Pakistan, but France’s increasing diplomatic and strategic closeness with India could become a problem for it. Then, looking at the policies adopted by the French leadership against terrorism in the past, it can be said that France would like to see whether Pakistan has really acted on the issue of terrorism or not. If Pakistan does not take concrete action in this direction then it may have to face the displeasure of France.

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At the same time, America is also angry with Pakistan on many fronts. The US is already angry with the decision of a Pakistani court that in January this year ordered the release of four people, including terrorist Omar Saeed Sheikh, the main accused in the murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl. The international fraternity has already lashed out at Pakistan over this. In the meeting held in February this year, when the FATF decided to keep Pakistan in its gray list, the statement issued by the FATF made it clear that Pakistan should be protected against UN-listed terrorists and its allies. Action must be taken and it must be seen. The courts of Pakistan must give effective and decisive punishment to those involved in terrorism. This FATF comment was seen to be linked to the decision of the Pakistani court to acquit the terrorists in the Daniel Pearl murder case, about which the US had already expressed its displeasure.

Terrorism became a throat

The FATF is an international body that formulates policies to combat money laundering that occurs around the world. Following the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center in New York City, US, its objectives included stopping the funding of terrorism. Pakistan was included in the gray list in June 2018 due to non-stop funding to terrorist organizations spreading global extremism and due to lack of concrete action from the government in this direction.

FATF’s gray list includes countries with the highest risk of terrorist funding and money laundering. Those who are ready to work closely with the FATF to prevent the funding of terrorism and money laundering, they are kept on the gray list, whereas if a country is not prepared for it and does not take steps in this direction and it is blacklisted. is done.

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Any country being in the gray list of FATF directly affects the foreign investment it receives. There are also obstacles in import, export and getting loans from international institutions like IMF and ADB. This also creates difficulties in e-commerce and digital financing. Now looking at the context of Pakistan, given its ‘critical’ economic condition for the last two years, it is easy to understand how it is troubling to be in the gray list of FATF. In the event of not taking concrete action against terrorist funding and money laundering, Pakistan’s troubles may increase in the coming times.

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