After Delta, now the new Kappa variant of Corona, know its symptoms and how it got its name

After Delta, now the new Kappa variant of Corona, know its symptoms and how it got its name

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  • The first case of Kappa variant came from the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.
  • According to experts, this variant is known as B.1.617.1.
  • To avoid Kappa variants, experts are advising people to wear masks and keep distance from people.

New Delhi: A new variant of Corona has surfaced in UP which has stunned the experts and doctors. Just a few weeks ago, the Delta variant of Corona became a problem and now the new virus Kappa variant of Corona has knocked. Talking about the second wave of coronavirus in India, the fault of the delta variant is being told behind this wave.

Kappa variant found in UP

After two cases of delta plus strain were found in Deoria and Gorakhpur, now a patient in Sant Kabir Nagar has been found positive with Kappa strain of Kovid-19. The 66-year-old patient has died. The strain was detected during a genome sequencing exercise.

His sample was routinely collected on June 13 and sent to CSIR’s Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, New Delhi, which has confirmed the Kappa strain in the sample. Like Delta Plus, Kappa has also been declared a form of concern. For the first time in Uttar Pradesh this week, two cases of Delta Plus strain were reported.

Doctors worried about new variant

Recently, the first case of Kappa variant, a new variant of coronavirus, has come to light in the state of Uttar Pradesh due to which the concern of experts and doctors has increased. Many experts believe that this variant can prove fatal.

What is Kappa Variant? Kappa variant kya hain

According to experts, the Kappa variant belongs to the Pango lineage. This lineage is known as 1.617 and one of its three subclasses is the Kappa variant. The Kappa variant codenamed as B.1.617.1 was first found in India in December 2020. Experts believe that the Kappa variant has emerged because of the E484Q and E484K variants. It is being said that the L452R mutation is also involved in this mutation, due to which our immune system becomes weak.

How did the Kappa variant get its name?

Some time ago the World Health Organization announced that from now on the name of the new strain of Kovid-19 will be known by the name of Greek alphabetical labels. In this episode, the strain whose origin is India will be named Delta and Kappa and the Kappa variant was first found in India in December 2020, hence it has been named Kappa. On the other hand, the British-origin strain will be named Alpha.

What are the symptoms of kappa variants?

Experts believe that primary symptoms such as cough, fever, sore throat may appear in people suffering from the kappa variant of the coronavirus. At the same time, mild and severe symptoms will be similar to the symptoms of other mutants of coronavirus. Research is still being done about this variant, so many information related to it can be revealed right now.

How to avoid this variant?

Experts believe that from Kappa variants to Delta variants, the use of masks is most important to avoid any variants. With this, leave the house only when necessary and keep distance from people in public places. Keep washing your hands from time to time and pay special attention to your immunity. If you are seeing symptoms of coronavirus, then without delay, quarantine yourself and consult your doctor. If you are corona positive after the test, then according to the doctor, you should start treatment.

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