Dilip Kumar I dilip kumar recommendation helped yashpal sharma to get entry in india

Dilip Kumar I dilip kumar recommendation helped yashpal sharma to get entry in india

Dilip Kumar

Dilip Kumar&nbsp


  • Dilip Kumar Sahab passed away at the age of 98
  • Dilip Kumar breathed his last at Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai
  • This cricketer got a place in the Indian team on the recommendation of Dilip Kumar

New Delhi: Legendary Bollywood actor Dilip Kumar passed away on Wednesday at the age of 98. Dilip Kumar, popularly known as Tragedy King, breathed his last at 7:30 am at Induja Hospital, Mumbai. His doctor Jalila Parkar has confirmed the news. Dilip Sahab’s demise is an irreparable loss not only to the cinema world but to the entire country. Let us tell you that Dilip Kumar was born on 11 December 1922 in a Muslim family in Peshawar, Pakistan. His parents named him Yusuf Khan. He had 11 siblings.

Dilip Kumar’s image had become very strong through Bollywood. Apart from this, his behavior had made a different place in the hearts of the people. Dilip Kumar sahib has also had an affinity for cricket. He was one of the favorites of this game. It was because of Dilip Kumar sahab that the career of an Indian cricketer could be made. Let me tell you the whole story.

Yashpal Sharma, a member of the 1983 World Cup team, revealed in a show that his career was made possible only because of Dilip Kumar Sahab. Yashpal Sharma got entry in Team India only after the recommendation of Dilip Kumar. This is the reason why Yashpal Sharma has immense love for Dilip Kumar Sahab. Whenever he used to hear the news of Dilip Saheb’s deteriorating health, he used to get uncomfortable.

Yusuf Bhai made my life: Yashpal Sharma

During the show, Sandeep Patil told that Yashpal Sharma loved the film Kranti. He used to watch this movie all the time. Patil told that because of Yashpal we were not able to watch other films. Patil told that one day we sent Yashpal Sharma out on the pretext of phone and made the TV disappear. Then Yashpal Sharma was asked why do you like the film Kranti so much? To this the member of the 1983 World Cup champion team replied, ‘It has an anecdote. You guys know Dilip Kumar sahab, I call him Yusuf Bhai. If cricket has made my life, then Yusuf Bhai has made it.

He further said, ‘I was playing Ranji Trophy. I was playing a Ranji Trophy knockout match at a company ground. The director of that ground was Yusuf Bhai. I didn’t know this. I scored a century in the first innings and scored around 80 runs in the second innings. Then suddenly 3-4 vehicles came. When someone landed in white clothes, I thought there would be a leader. He came, he saw the match. When my century was completed, Yusuf bhai applauded.

Yusuf Bhai recommended

Yashpal Sharma further said, ‘When the match was over, one came from the administration and said that you go, someone wants to meet. When I went to the office, I had nothing to say there. When I reached inside, Yusuf Bhai was standing in front. He shook hands and said, ‘I think you are strong. I will talk to someone.’

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He had talked to Raj Singh Dungarpur that there is a boy from Punjab. I saw him batting. He also spoke in BCCI. Later Raj Singh Dungarpur told that your recommendation was made by Yusuf Bhai. Let us tell you that Yashpal Sharma was an important member of the 1983 World Cup champion Indian team led by Kapil Dev.

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