Seven Afghan Civilians Killed in Kabul

Seven Afghan Civilians Killed in Kabul

Afganistan kabul Firing

Seven Afghan civilians killed in firing at Kabul airport (symbolic photo Credit-AP)&nbsp


  • Seven Afghan civilians killed in crowd gathered near Kabul airport
  • Thousands have gathered at the airport trying to escape
  • Army looking for new ways to bring Americans to Kabul airport

New Delhi: Seven Afghan civilians, including a crowd gathered near Kabul’s international airport, have been killed in the chaos that broke out after the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, Britain’s military said. “Ground conditions are extremely challenging, but we are doing everything we can to handle the situation as safely as possible,” the British Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Thousands of people have gathered at the airport in an attempt to escape the Taliban’s regime after its occupation of Afghanistan. Government and private offices remained closed in Afghanistan’s capital on Sunday, just a week after the Taliban took over Kabul, with the closure of government and private offices such as ministries, passport departments and banks, causing problems for residents of Kabul. .

Army looking for new ways to bring Americans to Kabul airport

With the Islamic State threat to Americans in Afghanistan, the US military is looking for new ways to bring them to the airport in Kabul. Efforts to evacuate people from Afghanistan have become more complicated in the atmosphere of chaos after the Taliban occupation. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said on Saturday that small groups of Americans and possibly others seeking to leave Afghanistan would be given specific instructions on what to do. They will be instructed to move to the points where the army can collect them.

US embassy issues a new security alert

The US embassy issued a new security warning on Saturday asking citizens not to enter Kabul airport gates without “personal instructions from a representative of the US government” because of security threats. Officials declined to elaborate on the IS threat, but said the threat was huge. He said no IS attack has been confirmed so far.

August 31 deadline for complete withdrawal of US troops nears

The August 31 deadline for the complete withdrawal of American troops from US President Joe Biden is drawing closer. Biden has been criticized as videos surfaced of violence and chaos outside the airport. The Afghan people, frightened by the revenge of the Taliban, are pleading that they should not be left here.

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