Is there a fix for the Gunfight Tournament glitch in Black Ops Cold War?

Is there a fix for the Gunfight Tournament glitch in Black Ops Cold War?

Gunfight Tournaments in Black Ops Cold War aren’t going according to plan due to a serious bug that players are running into. Of course, the problem is causing plenty of frustration in the community, but is there a fix to the issue?

The Gunfight bug is causing players to get eliminated even when they don’t lose a game. As a match concludes, players are typically brought to the Gunfight screen to wait for the concluding matches in the tournament. However, the bug is causing some teams to be eliminated as they wait for the conclusion.

What’s even worse is that the bug can still occur even after a team has already won the tournament. Any rewards that should have been earned are stripped due to the Gunfight bug. The bug is more than just visual, and players are genuinely getting eliminated from Gunfight brackets, even after winning their own section.

No fix for Gunfight Tournament glitch in Black Ops Cold War yet

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any workaround for the bug in sight. Black Ops Cold War players are still unable to fix the issue themselves. When the bug occurs, they simply have to start over.

This is not the best news, especially when rewards are on the line for the tournament. However, the bug is frequent enough that outlets and players are reporting it.

Treyarch and Activision have both been quiet about the Gunfight Tournament glitch. Hopefully, the Black Ops Cold War developers have this bug on their list of problems to rectify. However, until further notice, players will need to check back or wait until the game’s next update is released. When issues are pressing enough, a hotfix can be implemented rather than waiting for an entire content update.

Treyarch recently responded to a separate matchmaking issue that was brought to light. In a similar fashion to the Gunfight Tournament glitch, players were getting kicked to some degree when a match ended. Instead of a new game starting up, players were stuck on the screen in Black Ops Cold War and were unable to play after.

This Black Ops Cold War matchmaking bug was also affecting the Gunfight Tournament mode, so there is clearly a common thread. However, this smaller bug seems to have already been taken care of.

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