Fortnite Legends – The story behind Ninja & Travis Scott’s ‘After-party’ picture

Fortnite Legends – The story behind Ninja & Travis Scott’s ‘After-party’ picture

Over a year ago, Fortnite featured its largest in-game concert highlighting Travis Scott, someone who has dabbled in Fortnite once or twice. Nevertheless, the artist’s in-game show paved the way for drastic changes on the battlefield. Understanding where something began is an excellent determiner when figuring out where it might be heading.

Fortnite Legends – The story behind Ninja & Travis Scott’s ‘After-party’ picture

When two icons from different entertainment fields come together, it is always an epic moment. Ninja, a Fortnite streaming star, and Travis Scott, a widely popular rapper, came together nearly three years ago for the following photo.

Taken during Scott’s Astroworld release party, the photo not only shows two icons coming together, but it also foreshadows one of the largest events to ever occur in Fortnite.

Astronomical, Fortnite’s in-game event dedicated to Travis Scott, took place in April 2020. The COVID-19 Pandemic had just begun at that time, and the concert was a way for individuals to get through being isolated from friends and family members. Besides, the Astronomical event left behind large shoes to fill, as the literal larger-than-life in-game appearance of Travis Scott was unlike anything ever seen before.

Although Ninja can be seen genuinely enjoying the Travis Scott concert in his video above, the streamer has threatened to retire from Fortnite several times. Earlier this year, YouTuber 10 Step shared a clip of Ninja getting frustrated by players he believed to be stream-sniping him.

Ninja expressed his belief that players who stream snipes or sweat too hard are only hurting the game, as the fun is being sucked out for everyone else. Although Ninja does have a point regarding immaturity and toxicity that is heavily embedded in the Fortnite community, his official retirement is unlikely to happen.

The Fortnite community fully expects the well-known Fortnite streamer to be returning to the battle royale-style game very soon, especially with the following tweet that he sent out earlier today.

Just as Ninja continues to revisit Fortnite sporatically out of enjoyment, it is possible that other large-scale in-game concerts could occur as well. Rumors have circulated regarding Ariana Grande’s in-game debut, leaving the community wondering if she or another famous musician might be next to receive a Travis Scott-like performance opportunity.

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