Friendship day 2021: read hindi poem dedicated to friends

Friendship day 2021: read hindi poem dedicated to friends

Friendship day 2021

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Friendship day: The feeling of friendship is the most different. There are times in life when relatives may not work for you, but friends stand by you in every problem. In such a situation, a special day dedicated to friendship is made. Every year the first Sunday of August is such a day, when Friendship Day is celebrated all over the world. Read a beautiful poem dedicated to friendship on Friendship Day:

‘Friends come with great luck’

‘With great luck,
a true friend,
Otherwise the whole life
It just passes away
In search of a true friend

The truth is,
Not only incomplete
Rather life is meaningless-
without true friends,
But what does friendship mean?

Where is the meaning, how is the friendship there?
After all, what is important in friendship?
spend time together?
or without speaking
Can friendship be played?

Is friendship the only way to share happiness and sorrow?
or each other
understanding feelings?
After all, what is it that
Life goes on like this?

In search of a true friend,
nothing comes to hand,
if it comes,
in the name of friendship,
deceit, selfishness, deceit and deceit,

wearing a mask of friendship,
Enmity is played
hiding behind a face,
When many faces appear,
So the faith rises,
With this word of friendship,

There is also a reason behind this,
we understand,
He is the only true friend
Whoever says – sweet,
And praise – even if it is false,

yes not easy
understanding this word,
is friendship,
Krishna-Sudama C,
where it is not,
no distinction of status,

Though there is difference of opinion,
But if it happens,
just surrender,
complete dedication,

for friendship,
give away everything,
Even your identity
own existence,

What have you got so far
One such friend
do whatever
Sacrifice everything – for friendship,

even without saying
get it,
heart ache,
The progress, progress of a friend
and to achieve the goal,
throw yours,
all energy,

whose reflection
be only friends,
and if so,
even one friend pass,
So believe me,
you are in the world,
the luckiest,

getting everything in life,
easy though,
But the hardest
to meet a true friend,
Because a true friend, not by efforts,
get lucky,

And you have
If even one such friend,
so keep it,
always handle,
more than your life,

As long as he is with
Until then ,
nothing will go wrong,
No matter how many storms come,

Even after spending everything,
May such a friend be saved,
Even then it will be a cheap deal,
Because he won’t let
any damage,

the truth is that
True friend is gone,
irreparable damage,
nothing happen,
in life,
But there is only one true friend,
So life would never be bare,

only friend,
life is life
Otherwise more than an empty envelope,
Nothing is life.’

Dr. Shyam Sundar Pathak ‘Anant’

(The poet is working as Assistant Commissioner in Uttar Pradesh State Tax Department, Noida)

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