Furnace repair and replacement

One of the most important decisions you need to make when choosing a home is how to heat it. Each way has its advantages. Due to climate change and increasing concern for the environment, specialists recommend furnaces.

What is furnace?

Furnace is a convenient and cost-effective way to heat your home. First of all, despite the fears and legends surrounding this type of heating, it is relatively inexpensive and safe. Of course, certain conditions must be met, but it is free of dirt, dust, or falling wood or coal. All you need is proper installation and the stove can be turned on with a button.

Furnace can be done in two ways. Namely, either from the network or from the reservoir. It is definitely more advantageous to heat the house from the network, but in smaller towns sometimes there is no access to the gas pipeline, then the solution may be to buy a liquid gas tank.

However, it should be remembered that such a tank cannot be placed anywhere. The best solution then is to dig an underground tank, but this investment is not the cheapest.

Rooms where furnace are placed and power criterion

First of all, when deciding on a furnace, a number of requirements must be met not only regarding the device itself, but also the room where the device will be placed.

The basic criterion is power, because a furnace with a power of up to 30 kW with gravitational flue gas discharge will have to be placed in rooms with an area of at least 8 m3.

If the device will have a closed combustion chamber and the air will be supplied from the outside, then it can be placed in a smaller room of 6.5 m3.

Furnaces can be installed in a room not intended for permanent residence of people or in a technical room or provided only for a furnace room.

On the other hand, a device with a power exceeding 30 kW must be placed in a special technical room, preferably in a free-standing furnace room outside the facility. The room must then not be lower than 2.2 m.

In addition, it must have ventilation ducts, direct air supply from the outside through openings in the wall, as well as a properly matched chimney duct. In the case of devices with a closed combustion chamber equipped with a concentric air-flue duct, they can be placed in any room, regardless of the type of ventilation.

It is also worth noting that in buildings with more than four storeys, the furnace room should be located on the highest floor. In addition, its roof should be light, made of non-combustible materials.

Furnace repair in Toronto and Barrie

Now you know how a furnace is designed and how it works, its types and benefits. All that’s left to do is to decide on a company to help you do it.

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