Harmonized System Codes: Benefits and Professional Solutions for Online Retailers

The worldwide nomenclature set by the World Customs Organization to classify products in trade constitutes the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, often referred to as HS. A successful e-commerce business means that you’ll be exporting products to the United States. To import your business’ products to the States, having a ten-digit code that alludes to the type of product you’re exporting is necessary to get through US Customs. 

Moreover, learning how to use HTS codes will determine the ease of shipping for your business and save you time from facing unexpected inspections or penalties by US Customs. 

What is The Harmonized System Code System? 

Harmonized System codes are among the most unique methods used to categorize goods. Many businesses use professional harmonized system code services to ensure accuracy and speed in their processes. Here is how the harmonized system codes are used to import goods based on their defining characteristics and unique factors: 

  • The USITC government website covers 22 sections and 99 chapters that specify different goods into different classes. These chapters have different classifications, such as future use and national use. 
  • The HTS found on the USITC website covers chapters, headings, and subheadings that specify the code for each good and product. Including over ten thousand individual codes for different items, the information is monumental. 

Types of HS Code Classification

One can easily gain a clear understanding of different HTS codes online and through the official USITC website. However, if your e-commerce business is dealing in various products, keeping up with the HTS codes can prove difficult. This is why your business can benefit from HTS Code customs brokerage services. Most service provide the following solutions:

Manual HTS Coding

If your business needs to exponentiate its growth, having special customs brokerage specialists that can create robust plans to deal with a speedy code classification becomes paramount. As an online retailer, outsourcing your HTS code classification will therefore ensure timely results thanks to the cutting-edge technology of specialists and virtuosos. 

Automated HTS Code Classification

Since your product needs to land at the right place at the right time, no matter the classification, it should not get stuck in the packaging process, as it will affect your business operations. By outsourcing the code classification to an esteemed organization, you ensure that their software can allow you to deliver your product easily and without any delays. 

Benefits of Leveraging HTS Classification Solutions

Affordable prices

If your e-commerce business is still taking off and you need a robust service that can aid you in the delivery of products, outsourcing HTS classification is the right choice. Designing customized solutions that fit your long-term demands, these services will allow you to create more revenue by focusing on other vital issues. 

Timely solutions

Given that your products have to follow tight timelines and need to be delivered across continents as fast as possible, partnering with an able organization is vital. With numerous delivery centers across different time zones, experts in the industry ensure your products can reach your consumers on time. 

Latest tools

By using the latest tools and keeping up with the newest developments in customs, your business can benefit exponentially by getting the services of experts. Not only will you have to forego the worry of HTS codes, but you will be able to ensure all your products reach your customers on time.  


As an online retailer that aims to build its e-commerce business, supplying and delivering worldwide remains a major factor in the business’s overall success. To ensure that your business is not affected by minute details that can end up slowing down your operations, having the right partners onboard becomes an absolute necessity. 

Therefore, to exponentiate the growth and scalability of your business, supplying to the US by using HTS codes remains paramount. 

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