Matt Hancock Kissing Video: Political ruckus over UK Health Minister Matt Hancock’s liplock, ruckus for resignation

Matt Hancock Kissing Video: Political ruckus over UK Health Minister Matt Hancock’s liplock, ruckus for resignation

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UK Health Minister Matt Hancock’s political ruckus on liplock, demand for resignation (courtesy- The Sun)&nbsp


  • UK Health Minister Matt Hancock in discussion with his colleague Gina Coldangelo due to liplock
  • Opposition demands resignation of Health Minister, cheated taxpayers
  • Boris Johnson’s government said Matt Hancock’s case was private

Britain’s Health Minister Matt Hancock is currently in discussion. Actually he was kissing his colleague Gina Coladangelo and it was all recorded in the camera. On this act of Matt Hancock, the opposition even demanded his resignation, but he refused. CCTV footage shows him kissing Jeannie Colladangelo outside his office.

Health Minister Matt Hancock’s furious liplock
When this affair was revealed in the politics of Britain, there was an earthquake in a way. It is being told that Gina Coldangelo, who is seen in the picture with Matt Hancock, is not in London at the moment. Just before the revelations, Gina Colladangelo was seen on her way to some other place. But it is not clear where he is now. Health Minister Matt Hancock has been demanding his resignation after the revelation of an affair with an office colleague. Hancock also apologized to the people in one of his statements but argued that he had not followed social distancing. Along with this, he has also refused to resign.

Allies came in support amid the tone of protest
Hancock did not dismiss the news of the affair but appealed for privacy. Against Hancock, where the opposition is in unison, his allies are defending. His supporters and colleagues say that this is his personal matter and not related to the ministerial post. On the other hand, the opponents demanding his resignation say that those working with the Health Minister have a special relationship with the taxpayers. Breaking the rules of social distancing has been described as a betrayal of the public. Hancock had also canceled a visit to a vaccination center due to the escalation of the controversy and because of that he is in the dock.

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