Ubisoft announces new free-to-play title: The Division Heartland

Ubisoft announces new free-to-play title: The Division Heartland

Ubisoft has just announced a brand new free-to-play title, “The Division Heartland,” which is set in the shared universe of “The Division” franchise.

With the first two titles being fully priced games, The Division Heartland is the biggest departure from the standard formula, with developers claiming it will be an “all-new perspective” on The Division series, which takes place “in a new setting.”

The Division Heartland is set to be released in 2021/2022 and will form an integral piece of Ubisoft’s roadmap for the franchise.

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Free-to-play title “The Division Heartland” announced, promises to be a stark change for the franchise

Ubisoft’s roadmap for The Division and its spinoffs (image via Ubisoft)

After the first two games were set in New York and Washington D.C. respectively, The Division Heartland seems to be heading towards a more central area in the USA.

While it is known that development is being led by Red Storm Entertainment, not much else has been shared regarding the game except that it will be free-to-play and will be available in 2021/2022.

In the past five years, The Division has grown from a very ambitious project at Ubisoft to a world-renowned franchise reaching 40 million unique players. The potential and depth of this enables us to explore new and exciting content that will please loyal long-term fans of The Division and new ones alike.” – Alain Corre, executive director of Ubisoft EMEA

Ubisoft is gearing up to expand the franchise massively over the next few years with many spinoff media formats in the works, such as:

  • The Division Mobile
  • The Division Novel
  • The Division Netflix film

The Division has made a smooth return to form after the negative press the original received following the massive visual downgrade the game was subject to on launch versus the E3 promotional materials.

The continued support of fans has led to interesting future prospects in “The Division” universe.

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