Genshin Impact 1.6 leaked skins for Jean might vary from region to region in final release

Genshin Impact 1.6 leaked skins for Jean might vary from region to region in final release

Genshin Impact players may receive different Jean skins in the final release of update 1.6 depending on their region. miHoYo has faced censorship issues in the past, and this new skin may be subject to changes due to this.

Players can learn about these possible changes here, though they are minor in nature. It is likely that these changes will only occur in some regions that are more conservative in nature, so most players will not see these skin changes.

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Genshin Impact 1.6 skins for Jean to differ between regions:

Genshin Impact players may not be able to see the changes made to the newly leaked Jean skin at first glance, but there has been a small change to the skin that could be considered censorship for some regions.

One version of the splash art has Jean’s armpits exposed, while the other extends her shirt sleeve to cover her arm fully. This is likely one of the small changes that miHoYo will make so that the skin can pass in all regions, as some regions are more conservative about the exposure of women.

This change is very subtle, so it may not raise many concerns among the playerbase, but there are those who take offense to changes like this so it is difficult to tell whether these changes will go through.

According to Project Celestia, these two images are labeled differently in the files of the game, meaning there may in fact be two separate versions of this costume in Genshin Impact. It is still unclear how the versions will differ and players will have to wait for more information on this new skin to come to Genshin Impact 1.6.

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More about Jean’s new skin in Genshin Impact:

Jean’s new skin in Genshin Impact has had its backstory leaked, and users have translated it to give players the story behind this new look for the Mondstadt Grand Master.

It turns out that even Jean longs for romance as her strict life keeps her from living as an ordinary girl. This was discovered by her friends and so Barbara enlisted the aid of many of the Mondstadt characters like Noelle and Amber to help sew together the perfect outfit while Albedo, Klee, and Lisa provided extra ornaments and details. This was all presented as a gift to Jean so that she could have a comfortable summer vacation for the first time.

While players might not know exactly how to acquire this new skin, it will definitely be arriving with the summer update of Genshin Impact 1.6, and players are likely to come across this new outfit as they travel to the Archipelago Islands.

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