Grandfather turned out to be fidgety, used to fly gulcharre with grandson’s girlfriend, lost

Grandfather turned out to be fidgety, used to fly gulcharre with grandson’s girlfriend, lost

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Grandfather turned out to be capricious, used to fly Gulcharre with grandson’s girlfriend&nbsp


  • A man’s heart breaks when he finds out that his son was actually his uncle
  • Girlfriend’s phone revealed that her girlfriend is having an affair with her grandfather
  • Many years of messages and pictures revealed about the illicit relationship.

Can a grandfather do such a thing, can a grandfather have a relationship with his grandson’s girlfriend. You will say what a ridiculous thing this is. But when a grandson started narrating the black deeds of his grandfather, everyone was stunned whether this could even happen. Now all of you have to decide how much merit is there in the allegations of the grandson, but after the mention of the grandson, there has been an earthquake in his family.

Aashiq Mood turned out to be Dada
Tiktok user @Stacks1400 has shared his sad story in this way. He says that his grandfather had an affair with his girlfriend when all of them were living together. He came to know that his grandfather used to do immoral acts with his girlfriend. He shared his video with the caption that he can’t believe something like this can happen even though his grandfather has a long history of such acts. The sharing of the video created a sensation on social media and a large number of people stood up in support of the grandson.

People gathered in support of grandson on social media
One user says that he was very sad to hear all this. Now everything must be looking like darkness. Take some time out for yourself. You didn’t deserve it, but something else has been created for you. Another user says that there is no need to hate that person at this time, this is your time and prove yourself high.

Many questions from grandson on social media
On social media, the man was asked by many people that how did he come to know that his girlfriend was cheating on him. In response to this question, the man posted another video and told that one day he took his girlfriend’s phone when she was in the bathroom to take a shower. After checking the phone, he was speechless when some pictures were seen with his grandfather. He tells that his father never liked his father i.e. grandfather.

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