How to get all weapons in Resident Evil Village

How to get all weapons in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village has launched to critical acclaim and fans cannot get enough of Capcom’s action horror adventure. As is customary with Resident Evil titles, players are given the choice of using multiple weapons (although with limited ammo) to fight their way through the unknown. Here’s every weapon in Resident Evil Village and how to get them.

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How to get all Resident Evil Village weapons

LEMI Pistol

Players receive the LEMI from an old man shortly after entering the village. It is impossible to miss and will be awarded after players progress in the story. Without upgrades, it’s one of the weakest Resident Evil Village weapons.

M1897 Shotgun

Players will receive the M1897 Shotgun after the cutscene where Ethan’s hand gets bitten. After opening the door leading to a red gate, players must turn left after exiting that door, and follow the blood trail on the ground. Entering the house at the end of the trail will give players a shotgun that can be found laying on a table close to the entrance.

F2 Sniper

Players must first solve the “five bells” puzzle in Castle Dimitrescu to get the F2 Sniper. Once completed, players must head through the passageway in the painting. Climbing the next available ladder and proceeding down the hallway, players can find the sniper ready to be picked up.

M1911 Pistol

After handing the first “flask” to the Duke, players must go to the Maiden of War statue in the center of the village. From there, players must go through the open gate by the nearest “well” symbol on the map. After taking a left into the house, and proceeding through the only available path until they reach a locked door.

Once open, go through the doorway on the left. After fighting some enemies, players must take a left at the tractor. Opening the padlock on the big red gate will lead players to a hut with a locked cabinet that requires the combination, 070408, to open and get the M1911.

W870 TAC shotgun

This weapon can be found after completing the Beneviento mansion. Players must find and enter a small hut to the right of a fallen tree. The W870 will be propped up against a wall to the right of the entrance.

M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum

After defeating the third boss, players must use the elevator to get back to the surface. Cranking open the door to the right, players must walk down the path behind that door until they’re near the treasure chest market.

Following a small path in that area, players will come upon a large house where they must enter through a small hole around the side of the front door. Once inside, the chest on the right will hold the M1851.

GM 79 Grenade Launcher

After beating the third boss, players must head to the surface through the elevator in the mines and proceed to a mechanical door that leads to the magnum.

Players must opt to go through the other nearby door instead, which will take them to a path where a sign that reads “This Way,” is posted. Players must then turn left and follow the stream till they come upon a house marked with an Iron Insignia key logo.

Using a key to enter that house, players can then pick up the GM79

V61 Custom and SYG-12

It is available from the Duke after meeting the merchant for the first time in the fourth boss area.

The V61 costs 120,000 Lei and the SYG costs 180,000 Lei.


The stake is available from the Duke on a New Game+ run of Resident Evil Village.

Dragoon Assault Rifle

The Dragoon Assault Rifle is only available after completing Resident Evil Village‘s campaign. After following the challenges in the “Extra Content” menu, players can unlock the Dragoon Assault Rifle. The gun can be unlocked for 30,000 challenge points and is available from the Duke for 400 Lei afterwards.

WCX Assault Rifle

Available via the Extra Content menu for 30,000 CP. Players can then buy it from the Duke for 200 Lei.

Karambit Knife

The Karambit can be unlocked from the Extra Content menu for 10,000 CP. Players can then buy it from the Duke for 100 Lei.

USM-A1 Handgun

Can be acquired for 20,000 CP and 350 Lei from the Duke during a New Game+ run of Resident Evil Village.

Handcannon PZ

To unlock this weapon, players must beat Resident Evil Village on Hardcore Difficulty. Once completed, players can buy this pistol for 60,000 CP and 1,100 Lei.

Rocket Pistol

Can only be unlocked after completing Resident Evil Village on Village of Shadows difficulty. If players manage to conquer the one-hit death difficulty, the overpowered Rocket Pistol is available for 80,000 CP and 1,500 Lei.

LZ Answerer

Can only be acquired after beating the game’s Mercenaries mode with at least an SS Rank. It can be found in the Resident Evil Village’s Extra Content menu afterwards.

Samurai Edge – AW Model-01 Handgun

Only available as part of the Resident Evil Village – Village Trauma Pack DLC. Players can spend IRL money to buy this gun from the Duke for 200 Lei.

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