How to get fish, meat, and more in the game

How to get fish, meat, and more in the game

Resident Evil Village poultry is one of the most important components in the game. If players don’t properly use or find any source of meat, they’ll likely die sooner than expected.

The new Resident Evil Village game has broken several records and even crashed Steam as it has hit hundreds of thousands of concurrent players. The game has proven to be great overall yet difficult.

This is especially the case if players don’t take advantage of Resident Evil Village poultry. Obtaining fish and meat allows for boosts in health, speed, defense, and overall player stats.

Though it can be difficult to find these proteins in-game, here is a helpful look at where and how to obtain various Resident Evil Village poultry.

Resident Evil Village poultry

The Village
The Village

For a player to even obtain meat in Resident Evil, they will need to hunt. Various animals run through the area and are a great source of protein for stats. While some are hidden, a lot of Resident Evil Village poultry is found throughout the main village area.

There, players should be able to find two sources of meat from some beasts, three poultry sources, and at least one fish in the river below the bridge of Castle Dimitrescu.

Generally speaking, the meat found around the village is not “quality meat.” For quality meat, players need to take down a white pig. The white pig can be found roaming the area near Luiza’s House.

While revisiting this area and entering the backyard, players should find a white pig. The white pig must be defeated to harvest its meat. Of course, since it’s quality meat, the white pig will be a bit stronger than animals typically found around the village.

Players should ensure that they have enough pistol ammo and knives ready. Once defeated, players should bring the white pig back to Duke, and with a few more ingredients, they should be able to boost their stats permanently in-game.

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