How to pick locks in Resident Evil Village

How to pick locks in Resident Evil Village

There are various points in Resident Evil Village where players will need to pick locks to earn various achievements in the game.

However, collecting lockpicks is a fairly difficult task as they are extremely scarce to find in Resident Evil Village. Apart from unlocking various achievements, certain locked drawers also have important resources like ammunition for Salvatore Moreau’s Wolfsbane Magnum hidden inside them.

There are various “easy to pick locks” available all over the map of Resident Evil Village. However, they can only be unlocked using one of the few available lockpicks in the game. Once the player manages to find a lockpick, they can unlock it by aligning the lockpick with the lock using the WASD keys.

This article features the location of all the discovered lockpicks available in Resident Evil Village.

Lockpick locations in Resident Evil Village

There are three distinct regions in Resident Evil Village where players can find lockpicks for their “easy to pick locks” in the game. These regions include the main Village, Castle Dimitrescu, and Heisenberg’s Factory.

Here’s a list of all the discovered lockpicks available in Resident Evil Village:

The Main Village

  • After defeating the armored werewolf in the western part of the Old Town, players will need to search for a large blue gate that leads towards the south. Players can shoot the lock on the gate and walk in. They will find a tiny outhouse on their right side after entering through the blue gate. The lockpick is available inside the outhouse.
  • Players will need to use the good wheel found in the backyard of a house located in the southeastern corner of the town. Using the well wheel reveals another lockpick for players to collect.
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Castle Dimitrescu

  • Players can find one lockpick at the end of the hallway while leads from the Kitchen to the Dinner Hall in Resident Evil Village’s Castle Dimitrescu.
  • Players can find another lockpick inside the attic, behind the undead body lying on the floor.
  • Players can find the final available lockpick in Castle Dimitrescu from the Armory room.

Heisenberg’s Factory

  • The first lockpick can be found on the table situated on the left of the door leading into the Operating Room.
  • Players will need to head into the mines and search for a large mining space with a huge drill inside it. The lockpick can be found in this large space inside a white metal cabinet.

These are all the discovered lockpicks available for players in Resident Evil Village. Using these lockpicks to unlock “easy-to-pick locks” is a fairly simple task. Players need to align the lockpick with the grooves in the lock using the WASD keys.

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