How We Hacked Android Games: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide in 2021

One thing that the gamers find hard to tackle any time of the year is the grind. Grind, in the gamer’s language, refers to the total time frame that they have to give to gather in-game resources. While only a handful of players can gather these resources before or in time, most of the gamers can do it best using some great Android gaming hacks.

Although hacks are almost as old as the code, their significance in today’s times is quite much. When we talk about how we hacked android games, we refer to how we found out holes in the gaming system for the gamers’ ultimate benefit. Or, we could also refer to making some new hacks to help gamers get through the grind at God’s speed.

We know several players who crack open their favorite android games
and find the holes themselves. However, most of the players rely on external sources like us, who have already hacked android games to empower them with needful android hacks with ease.

The above-mentioned theories are quite true in the case of almost all android games. Whether players are looking for android hacks for PC games, console games, or mobile games. Read on this article to learn some essential android game hacking tips and tricks from experienced hackers who have hacked android games for years now.

So, let us begin with the basics!

Can we really hack android games?

Numerous game versions allow their gamers to hack android games. The gamers won’t even have to root their device in order to have such android games. Some android game hacking also comes packed with the feature, “Hack android games without rooting your device
”. Once you have made up your mind about which android you wish to hack, you can simply tap on this game in the hacker app. Then, the hacking screen with the available android hacks will appear.

Why you will need to have a rooted phone to hack android phones?

Typically, most android phones come packed with very limited performance in some specific aspects. In most cases, it is usually their battery life and performance. So, android users go for rooting their android phones as a solution to this limitation.

What does rooting an android phone mean?

Rooting an android phone means accessing the device’s root menu. Once a phone user gains access to their device’s rooting menu, they can gain full control of the device’s data backup and the overall device. By doing so, users can customize their android phones according to their personal requirements. They can even install apps that previously wouldn’t have been possible to install on the same device. They can go on adding new features and improve their device’s overall performance along with many more things.

What are the disadvantages of rooting?

However, rooting your android device does come with some disadvantages such as the ineligibility of a warranty. Most users who face some issues or factory defects can ask their manufacturers to simply replace their phones. But if they find out that the phone owner has rooted their phone, their warranty would instantly become obsolete. The owner won’t be able to gain the benefit of automatic software updates in such cases from the android phone manufacturer.

What all android games can you really hack?

There are mainly two kinds of android games that can be hacked. One of them is the client-side games. The client-side games are the ones that store the game data on the android device. The other android game that can be hacked is the server-side android game. The server-side android games are the ones that store the game or users’ data on a dedicated server instead of their android device.
While the client-side games can be eaasily hacked because they are stored on the phone itself, the server-side games cannot be hacked that easily. Why? Because they are stored on quite a dedicated server whose data is protected through encryption.

What all apps can help you with hacked android games?

Some great apps that can help you best when it comes to hacked android games are Game Guardian, Freedom APK, Cheat Engine Android Game Hacks, Lucky Patcher Android Game Hacks, Xmodgames, SB Game Hacker, Game CIH, CreeHack, and LeoPlaycard amongst others.

Are hacked android games illegal?

There are not really any federal laws when it comes to cheating in the case of Europe or America. The serial cheater in the case of video games will only have to worry about a lifetime ban from that game they have created. However, few countries like Australia and South Korea do pursue some criminal cases when it comes to those who have hacked android games.

Do hacked android games have viruses?

As per an interesting study that was recently published by AVG antivirus company, more than 90% of the hacked android games files are infected with some malicious viruses or codes. So, the company warned their readers to beware and choose wisely before downloading any of these game files.
Are tools for hacking android games really safe?
According to a recent report from Microsoft, more than half of those computers that use any kind of android game hacking tools can be infected. The tool itself is not really harmful. However, it is the distribution of this hacking tool that is really infected.

How will hacks for android games work out?

Android game hacks come in numerous variations just like android games do. Hacks for the android video game or any video games, in general, are referred to more commonly as trainers. While there are some trainers that would allow the gamer to make any kind of changes in the game’s character. With a purpose to make them more invincible and stronger. There are others that won’t alter that easily.

Do game hacks have Trojans?

The hard truth is that game hacks for android games do create some backdoors to the android device’s system. Trojans can escape into the system using these backdoors and make the device owner their victim.