A Complete Guide on How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft

how to tame a cat in minecraft

Do you love cats and wish to discover how to tame one in Minecraft? If that’s so, you’ve reached the correct place.

There are absolutely no restrictions on your ideas or curiosity in the game of Minecraft. Anyone can make anything you want, go wherever you want, and make your ideal scenario any way you choose. The versatility of Minecraft to let players deal with a broad range of living things, like chickens, cows, birds, and horses is, without a doubt, its main strength. The incredible thing for cat lovers is that it is possible to adopt a cat in Minecraft. We’ll explain how to tame a cat in Minecraft in this post. So continue to read.

Keeping a pet while you wander around the world of Minecraft can make the process much more enjoyable. Taming a cat is not something that Minecraft explicitly reveals to its users, much similar to all other actions and puzzles. They desire that you experiment and learn new techniques in your manner. It’s not challenging to teach a cat. Amazingly, it is straightforward to do and just takes just a few easy steps that must be followed. We’re trying to simplify the process so that you discover how to tame a cat in Minecraft.

how to tame a cat in minecraft
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Why Should Player Tame a Cat in Minecraft?

If you’ve ever owned a cat as a pet, you could readily realize how priceless it could be to keep one with you whenever you go anywhere. Due to a wide range of features, this is among the most beautiful creatures to tame. The exciting thing is that wherever you are and what you do, the cat you train is going to be by your side. You’ll never seem lonely or tired owing to it. This wonderful creature doesn’t ever leave you alone for a while and acts exactly like a genuine cat. Some might wonder, “Why such a cat?” Farm animals, wolves, horses, goats, donkeys, pigeons, as well as other creatures may also be tamed. A cat can be trained quickly and without the need for any specialized training tools.

It is among the simplest creatures to tame with fresh salmon or uncooked fish. Aside from just that, users are not required to continue feeding their cat since it will go after other small creatures and devour them. Furthermore, this will deliver different animals to amaze you constantly. Having a cat nearby also prevents creepers from nearing you since cats are unattractive to them. Consequently, the cat will assist in preventing all creepers from reaching you.


You know the Benefits of Taming a Cat in Minecraft

Keeping a cat can be enjoyable and beneficial for the player who knows how to tame a cat in Minecraft. Additional advantages of keeping a cat abound, too, in any case. You may obtain the accomplishment “Plethora of Cats” in Minecraft by taming 20 stray cats. Cats come in 11 different kinds in Minecraft. Additional “A Comprehensive Catalog” accomplishments will be rewarded when you succeed in taming each of these variations. You emerge from sleeping to find that cats regularly bring you various gifts. When the cat gives you anything, you earn the accomplishment “Where Have You Been?”.

how to tame a cat in minecraft
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How to tame a cat in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, trying to feed a cat is indeed the quickest and only method to tame it. Almost all know how much cats like fish. So go to a river or lake close through or gather salmon or cod. You’ll have to have a fishing rod to hook the fish. When you do the tasks, you can acquire a fishing rod.

While gathering the fish, approaching a stray cat carefully and giving it a portion of the catch, continue feeding the animal until hearts begin to appear over it. The cat’s heart above it indicates that it has been tamed. You need to provide your cat if you want it to love you. So, load your aquarium with a vast amount of fish when beginning this technique.

The cat’s heart will vanish once you’ve given it as much fish to eat, and a choker will then display on its neck to signify that you have been effective in petting it.

A cat that has been tamed will accompany you everywhere you go. It is not necessary to be concerned if you misplace your cat, as it will be transported to you once you are 12 blocks away from that too. You may order the cat to settle or accompany you as you are its owner. The cat generally won’t remain in one position for significantly longer; instead, it will move to surround you unless you persuade it to stay still. Only by telling your cat to remain within the home can you keep the cat within the house if you prefer.


Where to Find Cats in Minecraft?

You’ll need to locate a stray cat outdoors to bring home since there is no pet adopting services in Minecraft. Thankfully, cats are relatively common. Villages with at minimum one owner and 4 beds are also where stray cats spawn. In a typical settlement, a cat will generate (higher than or equal to 10) for every four beds, providing you with a selection of several various hues.

Black cats seem to be more likely to appear during full moons in the Bedrock versions of the game (the much more popular, modern-day version accessible on Xbox One, Pc, iOS, Mac, and Nintendo Switch).

how to tame a cat in minecraft
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In Minecraft, gaming with a friend may be an enjoyable experience and enhance the excitement of world adventure. And what other things will you use when you learn how to tame a cat in Minecraft? Users can keep a cat with them wherever they go by using the following technique. Although there are other creatures in the game, keeping a cat as a pet is entertaining in real life and in video games. Therefore, acquire a cat and enjoy all the adorable activities it does for you.