Know How to Play with Your Buddy in Pokemon Go

how to play with your buddy in pokemon go

Over the years, Pokémon Go has acquired a tonne of new content, but the Buddy Adventure upgrade is still one of the greatest. When it comes to engaging with their online Pokémon, this innovative feature provides players more flexibility and offers some fantastic gaming advantages. You need to learn how to play with your Buddy in Pokemon Go.

Niantic published the Buddy Adventure upgrade toward the end of 2019. It allowed Trainers to identify a Pokémon as their Buddy and, after that, form a relationship with them. In augmented reality (AR), instructors might give them food, play with them, and sometimes even take them on a walk around the globe map. Trainers also get access to many advantages as their connection develops, including CP boosts and new infrastructure.

how to play with your buddy in pokemon go
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How to Choose a Buddy

It’s simple to play Pokémon Go with your Buddy. It is how it goes:

Step 1: You must choose the Pokémon you wish to be your Buddy in the first step. It shouldn’t be a huge concern since you can replace your Buddy up to 20 times daily. Tap on your Trainer’s image just at the bottom of the screen if this is your initial time utilizing the Buddy system.

Step 2: Go to the Buddy section after that.

Step 3: The videogame will guide you through the fundamentals of the Buddy Adventure features after displaying this option.

Step 4: That’s even simpler if you want to alter your Buddy. To begin, click on the picture of your Buddy at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5: After that, select Change Buddies from the menu. After being prompted to confirm your choice, your new Buddy will appear on display.


Which Pokémon Ought to be your Buddy?

If you learn how to play with your Buddy in Pokemon Go, you’ll usually prefer your Buddy to be a Pokémon for which you’re working to collect Candy. When your Buddy Pokémon are in the “Excited” mood, they might collect Candy even quicker. Don’t panic; we’ll go over this below. Buddy Pokémon gain Candy as you look around.

Their CP is also increased whenever a Pokémon joins the “Good Buddy” club. It implies that making your most formidable Pokémon your best friend is crucial, turning them into a severe threat. It’s very advised to buddy up with your most excellent Pokémon if you don’t want to win more Candy.

how to play with your buddy in pokemon go
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How to Communicate and Play with your Buddy

After choosing a Buddy, you can communicate with them in a wide range of ways. You should feed them first because they may follow you on the Map after they are satisfied. Follow these simple instructions to feed your Buddy:

Step 1: Just at the bottom of the screen, click your Buddy’s photo to begin.

Step 2: Tap the Berry icon in the upper-right corner of the display.

Step 3: Choose an open area in your immediate vicinity to trigger the appearance of your Buddy in virtual reality. Clicking the Speedy Treat button will disable the augmented reality features of your smartphone if you’re a little space-constrained.

Step 4: Lastly, choose a treat for your Buddy and fling it in its direction like a Poké Ball would towards a wild Pokémon. Its hunger level is visible at the top of your screen, and when it is satisfied, it will join you on the Map.

Step 5: After tapping on the Pokémon’s photo, instructors can also engage with their Buddy by choosing the Play option. Touch the display to interact with your AR Buddy when you’ve chosen a safe place in your environment to let them go. If the Pokémon responds, you’ll understand it was successful; the Playing Together choice on the Buddy menus should also show a red heart.

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Buddy Mood and Level

The secret to making your Buddy and raising their mood is engaging with them and exploring the map. A Pokémon’s mood is influenced by how frequently you feed and engage with it; thus, if it is ignored, it will deteriorate over time. The most robust mood a Pokémon may have on any given day is Enthusiastic, which enables Instructors to gain more Affection hearts. Furthermore, animated Pokémon shorten the distance that must be covered to achieve Candy.

On the contrary side, Buddy Levels remain constant. These are accrued throughout time by completing various tasks in order to acquire Affection hearts. If you’re unsure about how to earn hearts, visit the Buddy option to view a detailed list. You can do things on how to play with your Buddy in Pokemon Go, like play with them, stroll with them, and give them a reward. You’ll gradually advance from Great Buddies to Best Buddies as you complete these chores every day. You see, here is a brief overview of the many Buddy Levels you may reach.

Good Buddy: As you explore, your Pokémon will display on the map, and the Buddy section of the menu Mood symbol will be visible.

how to play with your buddy in pokemon go
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Great Buddy: Help capture wild Pokémon by returning diverted Poké Balls to their initial goal. Along with gifts, they’ll bring them to you while you discover the surroundings.

Ultra Buddy: Possibility to discover mementos and receive one additional Adoration heart. Additionally, your buddy will direct you to exciting places; rotate such PokéStops to win extra Affinity hearts.

Best Buddy: Win a CP boost when someone is set as your best buddy. Additionally, they’ll wear a stylish ribbon to show off their Best Buddy accomplishment.



For your Buddy to maintain a positive mood and advance fast through the levels to Best Buddy, it’s critical that you interact with them every day. There ought to always be something unique for you to handle because tasks reset every day. Additionally, you can switch out your Buddy 20 times daily, and every Buddy has different tasks. It is not easy to become Best Partners with your preferred Pokémon, but gaming with them frequently is a fantastic starting point. I hope you like this article on how to play with your Buddy in Pokemon Go.