Abdul Razzaq sexist comment on Nida Dar I abdul razzaq makes sexist comments against nida dar pakistan cricket team

Abdul Razzaq sexist comment on Nida Dar I abdul razzaq makes sexist comments against nida dar pakistan cricket team

Abdul Razzaq sexist comment on Nida Dar I abdul razzaq makes sexist comments against nida dar pakistan cricket team

abdul razzaq and nida dar

Abdul Razzaq and Nida Dar&nbsp


  • Abdul Razzaq made sexist comment on Nida Dar
  • This video is from a talk show which is doing the rounds on social media
  • Abdul Razzaq was fiercely reprimanded on social media

Karachi: Former Pakistan all-rounder Abdul Razzaq made a sexist comment on female cricketer Nida Dar, whose video is doing the rounds on social media. Actually, Abdul Razzaq and Nida Dar were sitting together on a talk show when this conversation took place. This video clip is from June, about which there is a fierce debate on social media.

The other three members of the show talked about women in sports when Razzaq lightly commented on Dar’s outfits with sexist comments and talks about future sports. When Nida Dar was asked what she would have become if she had not been a cricketer, the Pakistani woman cricketer replied that she would still have been a professional athlete.

On this a person laughed and jokingly said, ‘Do you have any allergies to marriage? You don’t want to talk about it. Another show questioned how many sports academies there are for women in the country. To this an anchor replied, ‘I know only a few are at the college level.’ Then Dar said, ‘If there is space in college and school, then they should add cricket to the activities. Girls from rural areas and villages have to go to the city to play cricket and hope to make a career in it.

Abdul Razzaq made such a sexist comment

To this the host of the show said, ‘When she gets married, she leaves the game.’ Dar replied, ‘She can play as much as she wants. You don’t know anything after marriage. To this Abdul Razzaq replied, ‘Hey she doesn’t get married. Such is his area. When they become cricketers, they try to match with men. If you can’t play better than him. They have to prove that not only men, women can also perform better. So the feeling of marriage goes away. Razzaq further said, ‘If you shake hands with Dar, then whoever he may be, but he will remain a woman.’

Dar also hit back at Razzaq and said, ‘Our profession is such that we have to go to the gym. We have to bat, bowl and field. So we need to stay fit. Razzaq said, cutting Dar’s point, ‘You can tell by looking at the haircut he has.’ Everyone was laughing hearing Razzak’s words. The host then asked, ‘I had this question in my mind for a long time. Can’t you play cricket with long hair?’

Dar replied, ‘You can definitely play with long hair. But one who has long hair can have an impact on his game. To this the other host said, ‘When it comes to sports, there are many requirements. Why doesn’t someone play in three suit pieces? You have to play according to the requirement of the game.

Razzaq was fiercely reprimanded on social media

The clip went viral on social media and after that the former Pakistani all-rounder was reprimanded on social media. One user wrote, ‘How bad that everyone jumped on that woman. Can’t even imagine how much sexism our women must go through. Nida is a daring star.

One user wrote, ‘Always knew that Abdul Razzaq was one of the saxist commenters. This is a drain worm. He was constantly making sexist comments against Nida Dar that they are not married like men. Everyone was laughing. This is what our women cricketers have to face continuously in this society.

One user wrote, ‘In my mind, I got frustrated on live TV. I shouted at Nida’s concern at Abdul Razzaq and the three who were making sexist comments on her.

One user wrote, ‘Abdul Razzaq was a good player. Abdul Razzaq is not good on microphone after retirement. Somebody needs to tell them it was not a joke.

One user wrote, ‘You became a world class all-rounder, but your mindset has stayed from where you started your career. Shame on you for speaking bad words to the Pakistan star on National TV. ‘

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